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Marty Sez - Bergenís Bevy of Bridge Secrets


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1    Getting Off On the Right Foot       13

2   Hand Evaluation    23

3  Openerís Decisions        33

4  Responderís Decisions    43

5  Notrump Bidding   53

6   All About Slam     65

7   Passed Hand Bidding     75

8   Preempts ó We Do It   83

9   Preempts ó They Do It 95

10  Competitive Auctions     105

11  Iíll Have a Double 117

12  Impressive Declarer Play       129

13  The Defense Never Rests      143

         Glossary       153

      Recommended Reading       159


Chapter 2


Note: Only summaries are included below - see book for details

© 2001 - Marty Bergen

100 Honors ó Awesome

Any suit containing four honors can be bid as though it were one card longer.

The Forgotten Honor

The 10 is an honor card. Make sure you treat it with respect.

Just What the Doctor Ordered

If all you need from partner to make a game is a minimum hand with the right card(s) ó bid íem up

Iíve Got Plenty of Nothing

When you have a fit, the value of dummyís void is equal to his number of trumps.

You Canít Be Too Shapely

Five-five, come alive.

Numero Uno

A hand rich in aces should be upgraded, even if those aces are unsupported.

Know Your Limit

An ideal limit raise in a major includes four trumps and 10-12 distribution points.

Hardly Working

Honors in partnerís short suit(s) are usually not worth much.

3  Openerís Decisions        33

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