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Marty Bergen
Ten-time national Bridge champion, prolific Bridge author and teacher


is proud to be affiliated with Marty Bergen.  Marty's work is legend - a world-class Bridge player and theorist, renowned teacher (see Cruises below), and prolific author/publisher!  Bridge players are blessed by the thousands of nuggets he shares in book after book.  Better yet, he's even released CD-ROM based software so Bridge players can enjoy countless hours of computer-assisted Bridge instruction on their personal computer.

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Bio - ACBL Encyclopedia: Marty Bergen

Born 1948 of Farmington, New York, Bridge teacher, writer and Bridge professional since 1976.  Won tennis championships in high school and college.  Former member ACBL Appeals Committee. 

Has had to regular columns in Master Pointers section of the ACBL Bridge Bulletin since 1976 and the Bridge Today since 1988.  Author of four books, including "Points Schmoints" and "More Points Schmoints". 

Well-known for his development of new conventions and treatments, many of which are in common use.  He also assisted with the development of Law of Total Tricks, support doubles and 1 Notrump semi-forcing.  Bergen's aggressive preemptive bidding style prompted ACBL to pass the 5-5 rule in 1984. 

WBF world master, placed ninth Rosenblum teams 1986, 1990.  ACBL grand life master with 12,644 master points as of March 2001, won BAM Teams 1981, 1984; Blue Ribbon Pairs 1983, 1988; Men's Pairs, Life Master Men's Pairs 1983, 1988; Men's Pairs, Life Master Men's Pairs 1983; Spingold 1984, Reisinger Teams 1985, 1991; Life Master Pairs 1988.  Some of his second places are GNOT 1979, 1991; Vanderbilt 1983, 1990; Spingold, GNOP 1984; Men's Pairs 1986.  Has won more than 60 Regionals.  Won Cavendish Invitational twice, has played in other international invitational tournaments.

DATELINE July 1962  —  Solitary Confinement

At the tender age of 14, I was sentenced to a hospital for removal of a terrible set of tonsils. On her way to visit, my mother picked up a few books, to help the nurses and me survive each other. (For a healthy teenager, a three-day confinement in the hospital certainly qualifies as cruel and unusual punishment.) One book was a 50¢ paperback, 5 Weeks to Winning Bridge by Alfred Sheinwold. I knew nothing about bridge, but had always enjoyed card games, starting with pinochle at my dad's knee as a precocious six-year old.

During my hospital stay, I devoured Sheinwold's book. Luckily for me, my non-bridge-playing mother had stumbled upon an absolute gem. I borrowed a deck of cards from the nurses, who were delighted with my new pacifier.

September 1965 - Classes No, Bridge Yes

Then came college, and what a revelation! Attendance in class was not mandatory. Bridge games were never-ending. Let me see, should I go to Accounting 101 or play some bridge?  Not a tough decision.

My bridge game improved overnight. Unfortunately, my professors were unable to appreciate my skipping classes in pursuit of endplays and slams. When I went home for Christmas break, I was the not-so-proud possessor of a 1.0 GPA.

Meanwhile, I had been introduced to duplicate bridge. Winning masterpoints was much easier than passing exams. However, the following was now definitely in question: Would I graduate?  If I did, which would come first, the required 120 credits or the 300 masterpoints needed to become a life master?  Amazingly, the diploma preceded my gold card by almost six months.

June 1976  —  Goodbye Nine-to-Five

My first published material, “That's No Bridge Player, That's My Wife,” had previously appeared in The Contract Bridge Bulletin. In June 1976, I began writing monthly columns for that publication.

Ever since I decided to make bridge my life's work, I’ve had three goals. One was to win a national championship. On March 22, 1981, I finally broke through. The second was to win a world championship. Although I’ve been on the verge several times, that one still eludes me.

Goal number three was actually a dream. I’ve always wanted to write a practical, entertaining bridge book, the likes of which the world has never seen. What happened to my dream?  I don’t know; I always seemed to be busy with something else. However, I never forgot.

March 1994  —  Helloooo Dream

The phone rings. It is my long-time friend and bridge partner, Larry Cohen. “Great news, Marty. Remember your idea for a classic bridge book?  I just came across a book exactly like that.”

“What's so great about that?  I wanted to be the one to write that book. Nobody cares about who is second with a great idea!”

“No, Marty, you don't understand. It’s a golf book. It represents the easy-to-read yet informative book that you've always talked about. Pick up a copy. It’s called Harvey Penick's Little Red Book.”

I viewed the wonderful Penick book as my sign from Above: “The time has come, Marty, to stop procrastinating.” It had taken 18 years, but finally, I was on my way.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to start from scratch. Like Penick, I have accumulated material from 20 years of teaching and playing. Many topics are a direct result of students' questions. Others are a product of their mistakes and confusion. I am very grateful; without them I could not possibly have written this book.

If you have only half as much fun reading this book as I’ve had writing it, my efforts will not have been in vain. Is there more to come? You better believe it. Am I interested in hearing your thoughts and questions? Absolutely!

Marty Bergen


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