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Marty Sez - Bergenís Bevy of Bridge Secrets


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1    Getting Off On the Right Foot       13

2   Hand Evaluation    23

3  Openerís Decisions        33

4  Responderís Decisions    43

5  Notrump Bidding   53

6   All About Slam     65

7   Passed Hand Bidding     75

8   Preempts ó We Do It   83

9   Preempts ó They Do It 95

10  Competitive Auctions     105

11  Iíll Have a Double 117

12  Impressive Declarer Play       129

13  The Defense Never Rests      143

         Glossary       153

      Recommended Reading       159


Chapter 6


Note: Only summaries are included below - see book for details

© 2001 - Marty Bergen

The Meek Shall Inherit...

There is nothing wrong with the weaker hand taking over and bidding Blackwood.

Greed is a Terrible Thing

Once you have found a fit, strive to play slam in a suit, rather than in 6NT (even at duplicate scoring).

Whatís Your Hurry?

4NT should NOT be your first bid when partner has opened one of a suit.

Itís Now or Never

When partner opens 2, and you have a good club suit and a decent hand, respond 3 immediately.

Help Me, Partner

When you know you belong in slam, but do not know where to play, jump to 5NT to ask partner for help.

Out of Control

Avoid Blackwood unless you have controls  in all of the unbid suits.

The Great Debate

Donít just close your eyes and bid Blackwood ó give cuebidding a try.

Not Tonight, Dear

Once an opponent opens the bidding at the one level, you do not have a slam.

7   Passed Hand Bidding     75

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