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Marty Sez - Bergen’s Bevy of Bridge Secrets


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1    Getting Off On the Right Foot       13

2   Hand Evaluation    23

3  Opener’s Decisions        33

4  Responder’s Decisions    43

5  Notrump Bidding   53

6   All About Slam     65

7   Passed Hand Bidding     75

8   Preempts — We Do It   83

9   Preempts — They Do It 95

10  Competitive Auctions     105

11  I’ll Have a Double 117

12  Impressive Declarer Play       129

13  The Defense Never Rests      143

         Glossary       153

      Recommended Reading       159


Chapter 13


Note: Only summaries are included below - see book for details

© 2001 - Marty Bergen

A Very Overrated Lead

Don’t lead a doubleton unless you have a good reason.

Partner, Wherefore Art Thou?

When your only hope is to “find partner,” reject the suit(s) he has “denied.”

Slam Killing

Lead passively against a grand slam or 6NT. Lead aggressively against all other slams.

The HCP Detective

As soon as dummy is tabled, each defender should add dummy’s HCP to his own.

Know When To Hold ’Em

When declarer attacks a suit and you have two stoppers, it is often correct to duck.

The Waiting Game

When you have the opportunity to overruff with a sure trump trick — don’t.

A Devastating Uppercut

When there is no hope remaining in the  side suits, try to promote a trump trick.

Save The Last Cover For Me

Wait to cover the LAST of touching  honors that are led from dummy.

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