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Pair Game, The
Greenwood, David               Intermediate   General
Paris: 2001 World Bridge Championship Books *
Senior, Brian                          Advanced
Par Auction: Analysis of Bids and Play
Work, Milton                          Intermediate   General
Parity Leads in Defence
Weiss, David                          Advanced      Defender
Partnership Agreements
Fairbrother, Clarke               Intermediate   General
Partnership Bidding at Bridge: The Contested Auction
Robsen, Andrew                   Intermediate   Bidding
Partnership Bidding: A Workbook
Paul, Mary                              Intermediate   Bidding
Partnership Defense in Bridge
Woolsey, Kit                           Advanced      Defender
Partnership Misunderstandings
Walsh, Donald                        Advanced     General
Partnership Understandings
Lawrence, Mike                     Intermediate   Bidding
Party Bridge - Progressive and Pivot, How to Play It
Bruelheide, Frank                  Newcomer            General
Pathways to Better Bridge Defense
Roth, Danny                           Intermediate Defender
People Play Bridge
Crawford, Richard                Novice                General
Perfect Plays and Matchpoint Ways
Coffin, George                      Intermediate   Play
Perfect Your No Trump Bidding
Wei, C. C.                               Advanced     Bidding
Perfecting Your Card Memory: How to Memorize Cards in Five Minutes
Edwards, Charles                 Intermediate   General
Perth: 1989 World Championship Books *
Francis, Henry                       Advanced
Phoney Club, The: Cleveland Club System
Marsh-Smith, David              Advanced      Conventions
Picture Bidding
Roth, Alvin                             Intermediate   Bidding
Plan the Play: Problems in Declarer Play for Intermediate Players
Huggett, Dave                       Intermediate   Declarer
Plan Your Defense: How to Play Bridge
North, Freddie                       Intermediate   Defender
Planning in Suit Contracts: Bridge Technique Series       ABTA Book of the Year 2002
Bird, David                             Intermediate   Declarer
Planning in Suit Contracts: Test Your Bridge Technique
Bird, David                             Intermediate   Declarer
                                                                                                ABTA Book of the Year 2002
Planning Notrump Contracts: Test Your Bridge Technique
Bird, David                             Intermediate     Declarer
                                                                                                 ABTA Book of the Year 2002
Planning the Defense: Bridge Technique Series              ABTA Book of the Year 2002
Bird, David                             Intermediate   Defender
Planning the Defence: Step By Step *
Brock, Raymond                   Intermediate   Defender
Planning the Play in Notrump: Bridge Technique Series  ABTA Book of the Year 2002
Bird, David                             Intermediate   Declarer 
Play a Swiss Teams of Four With Mike Lawrence
Lawrence, Mike                    Intermediate   General
Play and Defense in Suit Contracts: The Biggest Little Bridge Book in the World
Becker, Jim                            Intermediate   General
Play As You Learn Bridge
Goren, Charles                      Novice                 General
Play Better Bridge
Markus, Rixi                           Intermediate  General
Play Better with Kantar: Gamesman Bridge *
Kantar, Eddie                        Intermediate   Play
Play Bridge
McVey, Mary                          Intermediate  General
Play Bridge at Home
Forrester, Tony                     Novice                General
Play Bridge in Four Hours
Steinberg, Peter                   Newcomer            General
Play Bridge With Goren
Goren, Charles                      Novice                 Play
Play Bridge with Me
Roudinesco, Jean-Marc       Novice                 Play
Play Bridge with Mike Lawrence
Lawrence, Mike                    Intermediate   General
Play Bridge with Reese
Reese, Terence                    Intermediate   General
Play Bridge with Rookie
Bait, E                                     Intermediate   General
Play Bridge with the Aces
Corn, Ira                                Novice+              Entertainment
Play Bridge with Zia
Mahmood, Zia                       Intermediate   Play
Play Bridge: A Workbook for the Absolute Beginner
Butts, Joan                            Newcomer             General
Play Cards with Tim Seres
Courtney, Michael                 Intermediate   General
Play it Again Sam
Reese, Terence                     Intermediate   Play
Play it Again, Slam
King, Philip                              Novice+              Entertainment
Play More Bridge with Omar Sharif
Sharif, Omar                          Intermediate   General
Play More Bridge: Bridge Series
McVey, Mary                          Intermediate   General
Play My Card
Roney, Bill                              Intermediate   General
Play of Auction Hands, The
Denison, E                              Novice                 Play
Play of the Cards: Contract Bridge *
Karpin, Fred                           Advanced     Play
Play of the Cards at Contract Bridge
Wolfe, Edward                       Novice                Play
Play Of The Cards, The
Dormer, Albert                      Advanced     Play
Play of the Cards, The: Better Bridge for Better Players *
Goren, Charles                      Advanced      Play
Play of the Cards, The: Self Quizzes at Bridge
Karpin, Fred                           Intermediate  Play
Play of the Hand as Declarer and Defender
Silverman, Shirley                 Intermediate   Play
Play of the Hand at Bridge
Fry, Samuel                           Intermediate    Play
Play of the Hand with Blackwood
Blackwood, Easley                Intermediate   Play
Play of the Hand, The
Root, William                         Novice                  Play
Play of the Hand: ACBL Bridge Series (Bridge, The Diamond Series)
Grant, Audrey                       Novice                  Declarer                      Amazon top 10
Play or Defend? 68 Hands to Test Your Bridge Skill
Pottage, Julian                      Intermediate   Competitive
Play Safe and Win
Jannersten, Eric                    Intermediate   Play
Play the Game: Bridge
Jourdain, Patrick                   Intermediate   Play
Play These Hands With Brian Senior
Senior, Brian                          Advanced      Play
Play These Hands with Me
Reese, Terence                     Advanced      Play                             Amazon top 50
Play Winning Bridge With Any Partner: Even a Stranger
Goren, Charles                      Intermediate   General
Play With The Champions
Klinger, Ron                           Advanced      Play
Play Your Cards Right: Task Masters
Husband, Pat                         Intermediate   Play
Player and Instructor: Easy Bridge for Pupil *
Ross, Macye                           Novice                 General
Player's Guide to the Duplicate Bridge Laws, A
Grenside, Richard                 Intermediate   General
Player's Guide to the Rules of Duplicate Bridge, The
Harrison, R                             Advanced      Laws
Playing Around...My Adventures on the
Rosencrans, Dorothy           Novice+               Entertainment
Playing Better Bridge
Cohen, Ben                            Intermediate   Play
Playing the Cards: Developing Competence at the Bridge Table
Sands, Norma                        Novice                  Play
Playing to Win at Bridge: Practical Problems for the Improving Player
Klinger, Ron                           Intermediate    General
Playing With The Bridge Legends
Shenkin, Barnet                    Advanced       General
Playing with Trumps
Sowter, Tony                        Intermediate    Play
Pocket Books of Bridge Puzzles, The
Sheinwold, Alfred                 Intermediate    Play
Pocket Guide to Bridge, The
Seagram, Barbara                Novice                  General                       Amazon top 50
Pocket Guide to 2/1 (2 over 1), The
Thurston, Paul                      Intermediate     Conventions
Point Count: Contract Bridge Complete *
Rovere, Ernest                      Intermediate   General
Point Count, Introduction:  The Future Champions' Series I. (pamphlet) *
Grant, Audrey                        Novice                 General
Point Count Expectancy Tables
Traub, Alexander                  Intermediate   General
Points Schmoints! Bergen's Winning Bridge Secrets       ABTA Book of the Year 1996
Bergen, Marty                        Novice                 General
Polish Club, The
Matula, Greg                          Advanced      Conventions
Politiken Cup 1980: Copenhagen Open
Novrup, Svend                       Advanced      General
Popular Culture as Metaphor: Duplicate Bridge as a Way of Life
Sneden, Lawrence                Intermediate   General
Positive Declarer Play at Bridge
Reese, Terence                     Intermediate   Declarer
Positive Declarer's Play
Reese, Terence                     Intermediate   Declarer
Positive Defense at Bridge
Reese, Terence                     Intermediate   Defender
Power ACOL: The Art of Being Lucky
Klinger, Ron                           Intermediate   Bidding
Power of Shape, The
Klinger, Ron                           Advanced      Bidding                      Amazon top 50
Power Precision: A Revolutionary Bridge System from a World Champion Player
Sontag, Alan                          Advanced      Conventions
Power System, The
Klinger, Ron                           Intermediate   Bidding
Powerhouse Hands: How to Recognize and Get the Most from Your Big Cards
Dormer, Albert                      Intermediate   Bidding
Practice Bidding Series: Four-Suit Transfers *
Seagram, Barbara
               Intermediate   Conventions
Practice Your Bidding: Jacoby 2NT *
Seagram, Barbara                Intermediate   Conventions
Practical Bridge Endings
Wang, Chien-Hwa                 Advanced      Declarer
Practical Odds at Bridge
Traub, Alexander                  Intermediate   General
Practical Problems for the Improving Player: Playing to Win at Bridge *
Klinger, Ron                           Intermediate    General
Practical Slam Bidding
Klinger, Ron                           Intermediate    Bidding
Practice Your Bidding: Jacoby Transfers *
Seagram, Barbara                Intermediate    General
Practice Your Bidding: Roman Keycard Blackwood *
Seagram, Barbara                Intermediate    Conventions
Practice Your Bidding: Stayman Auctions *
Seagram, Barbara                Novice                  Bidding
Practise Your Acol Bidding: 240 Hands to Bid with Your Partner
Rowlands, Bob                      Intermediate    Bidding
Precision Bidding and Precision Play
Reese, Terence                    Advanced       General
Precision and Super Precision Bidding
Garozzo, Benito                    Advanced      Conventions
Precision Bidding in Acol
Crowhurst, Eric                     Advanced      Conventions
Precision Bidding in Bridge: The Story of the Cinderella Team
Wei, C. C.                               Advanced      Conventions
Precision Bidding System in Bridge, The
Wei, C. C.                               Advanced      Conventions
Precision Bridge
Jannersten, Eric                   Advanced       Conventions
Precision Bridge for Everyone
Goren, Charles                      Advanced      Conventions
Precision Bridge: A Bid for Every Occasion from Alpha to Omega
Davis, Frank                           Advanced     Conventions
Precision Club
Wei, C. C.
                             Advanced     Conventions
Precision in the 90s
Rigal, Barry
                          Advanced     Conventions
Precision Power Bidding
Hanna, William
                     Advanced      Conventions
Precision System of Bidding, The
Goren, Charles                      Advanced     Conventions
Precision System of Contract Bridge Bidding
Hanna, William                      Advanced      Conventions
Precision System of Contract Bridge Bidding: Charles H. Goren Presents
Goren, Charles                      Advanced     Conventions
Precision Today
Berkowitz, David                  Advanced      Conventions

Precision's One Club Complete
Wei, Katherine                      Advanced      Conventions
Preemptive Bidding: Bid More, Win More, Bid More, Lose Less
Ewen, Robert                        Intermediate   Bidding
Preempts From A to Z
Andersen, Ron                      Advanced      Bidding
Pre-Empts: Step By Step *
Mould, Alan                            Intermediate   Bidding
Principle of Restricted Talent, The
Kleinman, Danny                   Novice+              Entertainment
Principles of Logical Bidding
DeSerpa, Allan                      Intermediate   Bidding
Private Sessions: A Bridge Education
Boehm, August                      Intermediate General
Probabilities Contract Bridge
Traub, Alexander                  Intermediate  General
Probabilities & Alternatives in Bridge
Vivaldi, Antonio                      Advanced     General
Probabilities in Contract Bridge: Bridge Odds Complete *
Frost, Frederick                     Intermediate  General
Problems in Declarer Play for Intermediate Players: Plan the Play *
Huggett, Dave                       Intermediate  Declarer
Problems in Play: First Book of Bridge Problems
Priest, Denis                          Intermediate   Play
Problems in Play: Second Book of Bridge Problems
Priest, Denis                          Intermediate   Play
Problems with Major Suit Raises, The - and How to Fix Them
Hardy, Max                            Intermediate   Conventions
Profits from Preempts: Bidding Precisely Volume 3
Wei, C.C.                                Advanced      Bidding
Psychological Strategy in Contract Bridge: The Techniques of Deception and Harassment in Bidding and Play
Karpin, Fred                           Intermediate  General
Pygmalion at the Bridge Table
Vourkas, Rudy                       Intermediate  General

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