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Maastricht Challenge Bridge Quiz, The
Bourke, Tim                           Advanced     Play
Maastricht: 2000 World Bridge Championship Books *
Senior, Brian                          Advanced
Mad World of Bridge, The
Olsen, Jack                             Novice+         Entertainment
Mae B. Rongg's Illustrated History of Duplicate Bridge
Smith, Robert                        Novice+         Entertainment
Magic of Bridge, The
Bird, David                             Intermediate   General
Major Diamond, The
Oakley, Peter                        Intermediate   Conventions
Major-Suit Opening Bids and Responses: The Future Champions' Series III (pamphlet) *
Jacoby, James                       Novice                 Bidding
Major Suit Raises
Lawrence, Mike                     Intermediate Bidding
Major Suit Raises: The Scanian Way
Nilsland, Mats                         Advanced     Conventions
Make A Start At Bridge
Reese, Terence                     Newcomer            General
Make the Leap From Intermediate to Expert Level: Bridging the Gap *
Kichline, J                               Advanced      General
Making Bridge Pay
Phillips, Hubert                      Intermediate   General
Mammoth Book of Bridge, The
Horton, Mark                         Intermediate   General
Man Versus Machine
Smith, Marc                            Novice+         Entertainment
Market Characteristics of the American Contract Bridge League
Haring, Robert                      Advanced      General
Marshall Miles Teaches Logical Bridge
Miles, Marshall                       Advanced     General
Marty Sez
Bergen, Marty                       Intermediate   Bidding
Marty Sez: Volume 2
Bergen, Marty                       Intermediate   Bidding
Marty Sez: Volume 3
Bergen, Marty                       Intermediate   Bidding
Master Bridge by Question and Answer
Truscott, Alan                       Advanced      General
Master Bridge Teaching Guide, For Elementary and Intermediate-Advanced Classes
Bonney, C                              Advanced      General
Master Class: Lessons From The Bridge Table
Gittleman, Fred                     Intermediate   General
Master Contract
Sims, Philip                             Intermediate   General
Master Counting
Senior, Brian                          Advanced      Play
Master Doubles: Mini-Master
Klinger, Ron                           Intermediate   Competitive
Master Duplicate Bridge: An Introduction - Mini-Master
Husband, Pat                         Intermediate   General
Master Pairs Technique
Tait, J                                      Advanced      General
Master Play at Trick 1
Klinger, Ron                           Intermediate   Play
Master Play in Contract Bridge
Reese, Terence                     Advanced      Play
Master Play: The Best of International Bridge
Clive, George                         Advanced      Play
Master Plays in a Single Suit: Mini Masters Series
Reese, Terence                    Intermediate    Play
Master Point Bridge
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced       General
Master Signals: Mini-Master
Kelsey, Hugh                         Intermediate   Defender
Master Slam Bidding: Mini-Masters Series
Kelsey, Hugh                         Intermediate    Bidding
Master Solvers Archives: 1985-1987
Kleinman, Danny                  Advanced       General
Master The Odds In Bridge
Reese, Terence                    Intermediate    General
Masterpieces of Declarer Play
Pottage, Julian                      Advanced       Declarer
Masterpieces of Defence
Pottage, Julian                      Novice                  Defender
Masters and Monsters: The Human Side of Bridge
Mollo, Victor                           Advanced      General
Match Point Bridge
 Kelsey, Hugh                        Intermediate   General
Match Point Precision
Wei, C. C.                               Advanced      Conventions
Match Your Bidding Against The Masters
McNeil, Keith                          Advanced      Bidding
Matchpoint Tricks
Axelsen, Ib                             Advanced     Declarer
Woolsey, Kit                           Advanced      General
Mathematical Odds in Contract
Northrop, Eugene                 Intermediate   General
Mathematical Theory of Bridge, The
Borel, Emile                            Advanced     General
Medium Club Relay
Klinger, Ron                           Advanced     Conventions
Memoirs of Rixi Markus, The: Vulnerable Game *
Markus, Rixi                           Intermediate   General
Memory Bridge: Instant Learning through Organization, Classification, and Association
Dendy, Julius                         Intermediate   General
Men, Women and Bridge: Startling tales of the Bridge Table II
Crawford, Richard                Novice+               Entertainment
Mendelson's Guide to the Bidding Battle
Mendelson, Paul                    Intermediate   General
Mexican Contract, The
Deserpa, Allan                       Intermediate   General
Mike Lawrence's Bidding Quizzes I: The Uncontested Auction
Lawrence, Mike                     Advanced      General
Mike Lawrence's Workbook on the Two over One System
Lawrence, Mike                     Intermediate   Conventions
Millennium Club, The
Poe, Lyle                                 Advanced      Conventions
Milton C. Work's Short Cut to Contracts Official System
Work, Milton                           Novice                 General
Mini-Master - An Introduction: Master Duplicate Bridge *
Husband, Pat                         Intermediate   General
Mini-Master: Master Doubles *
Klinger, Ron                           Intermediate   Competitive
Mini-Master: Master Signals *
Kelsey, Hugh                         Intermediate    Defender
Mini Masters Series: Master Plays in a Single Suit: *
Reese, Terence                    Intermediate    Play
Mini-Masters Series: Master Slam Biddings *
Kelsey, Hugh                         Intermediate    Bidding
Minimum Style Of Bidding, The: Part II
Lightner, Theodore              Intermediate   Bidding
Minimum Style, The
Lightner, Theodore              Intermediate   Bidding
Minor Suit Openings
Penick, Michael                      Novice                 Bidding
Minor-Suit Opening Bids and Responses: The Future Champions' Series IV.  (pamphlet) *
Penick, Michael                      Novice                 Bidding
Minor Suit Transfer Bids
Blubaugh, John                      Intermediate  Conventions
Miracles of Card Play
Reese, Terence                     Novice+              Entertainment
Mistakes You Make at Bridge, The
Reese, Terence                     Intermediate  General
Misunderstood Takeout Double, The
Delmain, Alfred                      Novice                 Competitive
Mixed Deal, or Not Playing with a Full Deck
Greenberg, Sherry                Novice+              Entertainment
Modern Alternative for Standard American Bidders, A: Intermediate Two-Bids in Bridge *
Gold, Don                               Intermediate   Bidding
Modern Bidding Systems in Bridge, Bridge Basic Elements of Play and Defense
Fox, George                           Intermediate General
Modern Bidding Techniques
Wakeman, Robert                 Intermediate Bidding
Modern Bridge Conventions
Root, William                          Intermediate Conventions               Amazon top 10
Modern Constructive Bidding
Miles, Marshall                     Advanced
Modern Contract Bridge
Cayley, Frank                         Intermediate General
Modern Contract Standards
Perkins, Frank                        Intermediate General
Modern Defensive Signalling
Woolsey, Kit                           Intermediate   Defender
Modern Ideas in Bidding
Truscott, Alan                        Intermediate Conventions
Modern Losing Trick Count
Klinger, Ron                           Intermediate Bidding                         Amazon top 50
Modern Losing Trick Count Flipper
Klinger, Ron                           Intermediate Bidding
Modern Point Count Contract Bridge
Rovere, Ernest                      Novice                General
Modern Popular Conventions
Duke, Dan                              Intermediate   Conventions
Modern version of Polish Club, A
Jassem, Krzysztof                  Advanced
Modernizing Your Bridge Bidding
Olsen, Gerald                         Intermediate   Bidding
Moments of Truth at the Bridge Table
Jayaram, R                            Advanced      General
Money Bridge
Mayer, Edward                      Intermediate   General
Monster Book of Basic Declarer Play
Huggett, Dave                       Novice                 Declarer
Montreal: 2002 World Championship Books *
Senior, Brian                          Advanced
Monte Carlo: 2003 World Bridge Championship Books *
Senior, Brian                          Advanced
More Bedside Bridge
Jeronimidis, Elena                 Novice+               Entertainment
More Bridge Brilliance and Blunders
Miller, Richard                        Intermediate   General
More Bridge Quizzes: First Book of Bridge Problems
Kempson, Ewart                    Novice                 Play
More Commonly Used Conventions: ACBL Bridge Series
Grant, Audrey                        Intermediate   Conventions            Amazon top 25
More Constructive Thinking at the Bridge Table: Winning Defense for the Advancing Bridge Player *
Stewart, Frank                      Intermediate   Defender
More Deadly Than the Male: First Lady of Bridge
Markus, Rixi                           Novice+              Entertainment
More Declarer Play the Bergen Way
Bergen, Marty                       Intermediate   Declarer
More Hocus Pocus
Brecher, Erwin                      Advanced      Play
More Killing Defence at Bridge
Kelsey, Hugh                          Advanced      Defender                  Amazon top 50
More Kosher Bridge: The Rabbi's Magic Trick *
Bird, David                              Novice+              Entertainment
More Magic from Mollo's Menagerie: Destiny at Bay *
Mollo, Victor                           Novice+               Entertainment
More Miraculous Card Play: Unholy Tricks *
Reese, Terence                     Novice+              Entertainment 
More Points Schmoints!
Bergen, Marty                        Novice                General
More Tales of Hoffman
Hoffman, Martin                    Novice+              Entertainment
More Tips for Tops
Rosencrantz, George           Advanced      General
Morehead on Bidding
Morehead, Phillip                   Intermediate  General
Moscito with Symmetric Relay
Dutton, Nigel                          Advanced     Conventions
Most Exciting Bridge Deals ever Played, The! The Hands of Time  *
Horton, Mark                          Advanced     General
Most Puzzling Situations in Bridge Play
Reese, Terence                     Advanced      Play
Movements - A Fair Approach
Hallen, Hans-Olof                  Advanced      Play
Movie Guide for Bridge Players
Granovetter, Pamela            Novice+               Entertainment
Mr. Bridge's Quiz and Puzzle Book
Magee, Bernard                    Intermediate   General
Murder at the Bridge Table
Granovetter, Matt                 Novice+               Entertainment
Murder In The Menagerie
Mollo, Victor                           Novice+               Entertainment
My Bridge and Yours
Stewart, Frank                      Intermediate   General
My Life and Play: The Bridge Bum *
Sontag, Alan                          Novice+              Entertainment

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