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Fateful Years, The: Bridge Unlimited *
Mollo, Victor                            Novice+              Entertainment
Fair Play or Foul? - Cheating Scandals in Bridge
Chua, Cathy                            Novice+              Entertainment
Fall of the Cards
Parson, Donald                      Advanced     Play
False Cards
Lawrence, Mike                     Advanced     Play
Famous Bidding Decisions: Test Your Skill Against the Experts
Reese, Terence                     Advanced     Bidding
Famous Bridge Disasters
Bird, David                              Advanced     General
Famous Bridge Records
Bird, David
                          Advanced     General
Famous Hands from Famous Matches
Reese, Terence                     Advanced     General
Famous Hands of the Culbertson-Lenz Match
Culbertson, Ely                      Advanced     General
Famous Leads and Defences - Test Your Skill Against the Experts
Bird, David                             Advanced     Defender
Famous Play Decisions
Bird, David                             Advanced     Play
Farewell My Dummy, and Other Bridge Parodies
King, Philip                             Novice+               Entertainment
Fiesch: 1991 European Bridge Championships *
Senior, Brian                         Advanced
Fifty years of contract bridge: No Passing Fancy *
Emery, Sue                            Novice                  General
Financial Times Book of Bridge, The
Cotter, Pattrick                     Intermediate   General
Find the Mistakes
Jannersten, Eric                    Intermediate   General
Fine Tuning Your Bridge: Bridge Mini-Series: I                 ABTA Book of the Year 1992
Sands, Norma                        Novice                 General
Finer Arts of Bridge: The: A Textbook on Psychology
Mollo, Victor                           Advanced      General
Finesse, The: How to Win More Tricks More Often
Karpin, Fred                           Intermediate   General
First Book of Bridge
Sheinwold, Alfred                 Newcomer              General
First Book of Bridge Problems: More Bridge Quizzes *
Kempson, Ewart                   Novice                  Play
First IPBM Book of Bidding Hands, The
Sowter, Tony                        Novice                  Bidding
First Lady of Bridge: More Deadly Than the Male *
Markus, Rixi                           Novice+               Entertainment
First Book of Bridge Problems: Problems in Play *
Priest, Denis                          Intermediate   Play
First Pocket Book of Bridge Problems
Kempson, Ewart                   Novice                 Play
First Principles of Card Play
Marston, Paul                        Novice                 General
First Steps in Card Play
Novrup, Svend                      Novice                 General
First Steps in Competitive Bridge
Drumev, Christo                    Intermediate  Competitive
First Up the Line Bridge Bidding
Levinrew, George                 Intermediate Bidding
Fishbein Convention
Fishbein, Harry                      Advanced     Conventions
Cole, William                           Novice                Entertainment
Fistful of Honors, A
Horton, Sally                          Intermediate   General
Fit for a King: A Collection of Bridge Brilliancies
Brock, Sally                            Advanced      General
Fits and Misfits
Lederer, Rhoda                    Intermediate    General
Five Card Major Bidding in Contract Bridge
Feldheim, Harold                  Intermediate    General
Five Card Majors Bidding Flipper
Klinger, Ron                          Novice                   Bidding
Five Card Major Bridge Teaching Series: Advanced and Duplicate Teacher's Manual *
Silverman, Shirley                Advanced      General
Five Card Major Student Text: Elementary Bridge *
Silverman, Shirley               Newcomer               Bidding
Five Card Major Student Textbook: Intermediate Bridge *
Silverman, Shirley                 Novice                  General
Five-Card Majors
Klinger, Ron                           Novice                 General
Five-Card Majors: Standard American Bridge Updated *
Sands, Norma                        Novice                 Bidding
Five Card Majors-Western Style
Hardy, Max                            Intermediate   Bidding
Five Weeks to Winning Bridge
Sheinwold, Alfred                 Novice                 General                        Amazon top 25
Flannery Two Diamond Opening, The
Flannery, Bill                          Intermediate Conventions
Focus On Bidding
Roth, Danny                          Intermediate   Bidding
Focus on Bridge Defense
Nielsen, Aksel                        Intermediate   Defender
Focus on Declarer Play
Roth, Danny                          Intermediate    Declarer
Focus On Hocus Pocus
Brecher, Erwin                      Intermediate    Play                        Amazon Top 100
Following the Law of the Total Tricks
Cohen, Larry                         Advanced       Bidding
For Advanced Player: The: Bridge Student Text  *
Stewart, Frank                      Advanced      General       ABTA Book of Year 1989
For Advanced Players: The Bridge Student - Volume 3 *
Stewart, Frank                      Intermediate   General
For Beginning Players: The Bridge Student - Volume 1 *
Stewart, Frank                      Newcomer             General
For Beginning Players: The Bridge Student Text  *
Stewart, Frank                      Newcomer             General       ABTA Book of Year 1989
For Experts Only
Granovetter, Pamela           Advanced      General
For Intermediate Players: Bridge Student Text *
Stewart, Frank                      Intermediate General        ABTA Book of Year 1989
For Intermediate Players: The Bridge Student - Volume 2 *
Stewart, Frank                     Intermediate    General
For Love or Money: The Life of a Bridge Journalist
Horton, Mark                        Novice+                Entertainment
For the Beginner, For the Advanced Player: Whist of Today, In Two Parts *
Whitehead, Wilber               Novice                   General
For People Who Don't Know 1 Card from Another
Young, Ray                           Newcomer              General
For Winning Contract and Duplicate Play: Sure Winner at Bridge *
White, Clarence                    Intermediate     General
For Winning Duplicate Play: Two Mathematicians Play Contract Bridge *
White, Clarence                    Intermediate     General
Forcing Notrump
Blubaugh, John                     Intermediate    Conventions
Forcing Pass in Contract Bridge
Kantar, Eddie                        Advanced       Bidding
Forgive Me, Partner!                                                            ABTA Book of the Year 1998
Granovetter, Pamela           Intermediate    Bidding
Foster's Bridge Manual: A Complete System of Instruction in the Game
Foster, Robert                      Intermediate    Bidding
Foster's Simplified Auction Bridge, With the New Laws
Foster, R.                               Novice                  Bidding
Four Horsemen's One Over One Method of Contract Bidding
Burnstine, David                   Intermediate    Bidding
Four-Leafed Club: A reasonable bidding method
Clark, Morris                          Novice                  Bidding
Four-Suit Transfers: Practice Bidding Series
Seagram, Barbara
              Intermediate    Conventions
Fourth Suit Forcing
Hardy, Max                            Intermediate    Conventions
"Foxy" - The Autobiography: Grand Master of Bridge *
Fox, George                           Novice+                Entertainment
Frank Stewart's Bridge Club
Stewart, Frank                      Novice+               Entertainment
Frank Stewart's Contract Bridge Quiz Book
Stewart, Frank                      Intermediate   General
French Defence I
Horton, Mark                         Intermediate   Defender
Full Deck of Double Dummy Problems, A
Badger, Terry                       Novice                 General
Fun Way To Advanced Bridge, The
Lampert, Harry                     Novice                 General                       Amazon top 50
Fun Way to Better Bridge Play, The
Lampert, Harry                     Novice                 General
Fun Way to Serious Bridge, The
Lampert, Harry                     Intermediate   General                        Amazon top 10
Fundamental of contract Bridge, The
Goren, Charles                      Novice                 General
Fundamentals of Play: How to Play Your Hand at Contract
Bruelheide, Frank               Novice                 Play
Funny Stories from the Bridge Table: Best of Eddie Kantar
Kantar, Eddie                        Novice+               Entertainment
Further Miracles of Card Play: Doubled and Venerable *
Bird, David                             Novice+               Entertainment
Future Champions' Series, The: I. Introduction to Point Count (pamphlet)
Grant, Audrey                       Novice                 General
Future Champions' Series, The: II. The 1NT Opening Bid and Responses (pamphlet)
Baron, Randall                      Novice                 Bidding
Future Champions' Series, The: III. Major-Suit Opening Bids and Responses (pamphlet)
Jacoby, James                      Novice                 Bidding
Future Champions' Series, The: IV. Minor-Suit Opening Bids and Responses (pamphlet)
Penick, Michael                      Novice                 Bidding
Future Champions' Series, The: IX. Introduction to Card Combinations (pamphlet)
Greenberg, Gail                     Novice                 Bidding
Future Champions' Series, The: V. Strong Opening Bids (pamphlet)
Soloway, Paul                        Novice                 Bidding
Future Champions' Series, The: VI. The Bidding Messages (pamphlet)
Andersen, Ron                      Novice                 Bidding
Future Champions' Series, The: VII. Overcalls and Takeout Doubles (pamphlet)
Lawrence, Mike                    Novice                 Competitive
Future Champions' Series, The: VIII. Introduction to Declarer Play (pamphlet)
Blackwood, Easley                Novice                 Declarer
Future Champions' Series, The: X. Introduction to Defensive Play (pamphlet)
Lampert, Harry                     Novice                  Defender
Future Champions' Series, The: XI. Introduction to Opening Leads (pamphlet)
Thomas, Frank                      Novice                 Defender
Future Champions' Series, The: XII. Introduction to Defensive Signals (pamphlet)
Silverman, Shirley                 Novice                 Defender

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