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Name: Modern Bridge Conventions
Author: Root, William
Popularity: Amazon top 10
Target Audience: Intermediate
Category: Conventions
Pages: 256 Date: 1981

Synopsis: This easy-to-follow book covers in detail more than 50 of the most practical bridge conventions in use today. A glossary, which also serves as an index, lists more than 250 popular conventions, treatments, and systems. The big winners in bridge are not the players capable of executing an occasional sparkling coup, but those who know how to avoid defeat in everyday contracts when the breaks are bad. The unlucky breaks can be guarded against by the use of safety plays, which are thoroughly explained and demonstrated here. Other problems in declarer play are caused by blocked suits. All improving players are familiar with the frustrating experience of finding themselves stranded in the wrong hand, unable through lack of communication to cash in on tricks that could have been theirs for the taking. Here the authors explain how to block an opponent's suit and how to unblock your own, giving numerous, well-chosen and clear examples. "Every bridge enthusiast should have it on his bookshelf."--Alfred Sheinwold, Los Angeles Times Syndicate.

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