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Name: How to Bid and What to Lead
Author: Solomon, Charles
Target Audience: Novice
Category: General
Pages: 128 Date: 1953

Synopsis: In their new book Charles J. Solomon and Bennet L. Disbraw give the answers to the two most perplexing problems of Contract Bridge - How to bid and what to lead. Their simplified system is easy to learn and easy to apply. It is ideal for the beginner, excellent for the average player, and an indispensable review book for all Bridge fans. Numerous illustrative hands demonstrate how to use point count in both opening and responding. The Solomon and Disbrow system has repeatedly proved its accuracy in all games, including national championship competition. How to bid and what to lead also answers the important question "What shall I lead?" in concise, stepp-by-step fashion. It tells the suit to select, the card to lead, and covers all aspects of this important subject. Once and for all these experts bury such time-worn sayings as "When in doubt, lead trump," "Lead through the strong suit on the board," and "Never lead from a King."

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