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Name: How to Bid and Play in Duplicate Tournaments
Author: Sheinwold, Alfred
Target Audience: Intermediate
Category: General
Pages: Date:

Synopsis: In this book, Freddie Sheinwold, editor of the American Contract Bridge League Bulletin, and well-known author and lecturer, has simplified for the average player the technique of duplicate bidding and play. With concise explanations, graphic illustrations of many hands and with a new convention of his own, Mr. Sheinwold shows the way to get the most out of your cards. He demonstrates clearly how to calculate your risk in sacrificing, how to be sure to bid to slam, how to reach the contract which gives you the most points, how to get "top on the board." Here too, the laws and penalties which apply to tournament play are fully explained. This book will be an indispensable handbook for the player with ambition to become a winner in club tournaments, and to gain master points in sectional and national play. It is written for the player of average ability, but players of top skill will gain much also from the book



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