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Name: Big Game, The: Rubber Bridge in a London Club
Author: Sheehan, Robert
Target Audience: Novice
Category: General
Pages: 108 Date: 1999

Synopsis: Maybe rubber bridge is your game. Or perhaps you are an aficionado of duplicate. Whatever your preference you can't fail to be enthralled by the goings-on in the 100 pounds (or even 200 pounds) a game at TGR's Bridge Club in London. Lose and 1,100 penalty and that's 1,100 pounds. If you think that is enough to make anyone a cautious bidder, you'd better think again. This book is as much about the characters and personalities of the game as the bridge itself. An enthralling account of the author's account of a life at the rubber bridge table. Follow the exploits of Zia and others as they play for enormous stakes.

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