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Name: 25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know
Author: Seagram, Barbara & Smith, Marc
Popularity: Amazon top 10, ABTA Book of the Year 1999
Target Audience: Intermediate
Category: Conventions
Pages: Date:

Synopsis: This book addresses three segments: 1) Learn these first; 2) More complicated; and 3) sophisticated stuff. If you are a beginner player (with some basics under your belt), you can start with this book and grow into it.  The teaching technique is such that even the early "easy" conventions, such as Stayman or Weak 2's, are covered in enough detail to instruct a player previously unfamiliar with the topic. Yet even those with years of playing experience can refer back to various subjects as their skills improve, sifting out or reinforcing various subtleties of the material. The book is divided into three sections: "Learn These First" (such as Jacoby Transfers and Blackwood); "More Complicated" (such as splinters, cuebid raises and Jacoby 2NT); and "Sophisticated Stuff" (such as Reverse Drury and New Minor Forcing). Each topic is covered in a standalone chapter. There are excellent illustrations of every technique being discussed, followed by half a dozen or so problems designed to test your understanding. A clear explanation of the "right" answers follow, which again helps the student firm up his grasp of the topic. The writing style seems to set just the right level of conversational versus pedantic, and the book is generally a pleasure to use and re-use as time proceeds. Each convention is clearly and concisely explained and how it fits into a standard bidding system. Learn how and when to use each and know what your opponents are doing.

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