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Sample Questions and Answers

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BridgeHands offers Question and Answer EMAIL Support for your Bridge related questions.   Check out a few prior EMAIL sessions.   While our typical responses are shorter than the detailed answers you'll find here, we hope you will agree the responses are accurate, insightful, and well thought out.  We can tailor our answers shorter or more thorough to meet your needs.

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Newcomer and Novice Bidding

Meaning of a 2 level opening bid

Do the laws prohibit Passing with 14 HCP?

Responding to 2 level opener's bid with a nice hand

Is opener's jump rebid forcing after responder's 2 level bid?

What are defensive tricks in light of preemptive bidding?

1 Notrump opener takes captaincy

Reverse bidding

Slam bidding

Why is it called Yellow Card?

Spot values meaning for attitude signals

Advancer makes a freebid

Values needed for Unusual Notrump

Open the bidding with 9 HCP

How do I improve my basic skills? to avoid silly mistakes?

Intermediate Bidding

Open bidding with a weak two suiter

HCP and Losing Trick Count interaction

2/1 (Two Over One) bidding 1D - 2C

Flannery bid opposite partner's long Diamond suit

Should Fourth Suit Forcing be one round or game forcing?

Slam relationship between Jacoby Transfer and Texas Transfer

Bidding Michaels in the passout seat

Bidding 2 Notrump in passout seat

Advancer Systems On-Off after Double of Notrump

Garbage Staman revisited


Is it legal to deal cards into 5 stacks, then combine the end stacks?

Out of tempo bid immediately after accepting insufficient bid

Advanced Bidding

Bidding After Opponents' Weak Jump Overcall

Finding minor suit game, Criss Cross or not

Playing Precision, what's the frequency of responder's 4-4-4-1 Unusual Positive bid?   What do you think of the 1C - 1D; 1H - 1S relay?



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