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Advanced Laws  Question

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Wow, this is why the Director gets paid big buck to unwind this one




The Laws are intended to restore equity


Sometimes there's more going on than meets the eye




Did you know tempo breaks due to U. I. is the number 1 appeal issue at the National tourneys?


Sorry, special agreements are not allowed to handle insufficient calls



While the Director is judge and jury, remember the outcome is intended to keep the game fair so skilled players are rewarded

What is the ruling when my partner immediately accepts an insufficient bid?  Would this convey Unauthorized Information?    Also, we play 2D over opponents' 1 Notrump bid is a conventional DONT bid showing Diamonds and a major.  Here’s the bidding:

2H - (1N) - 2D

As a follow-up, what do the laws say about this situation?  Do I alert the 2D as diamond and a major?

The short answer to your question is, yes there was "U. I."  Certainly it's fine for partner as the "Non Offending Side" (NOS) to accept an insufficient bid and, if applicable, make a conventional response.   Duplicate Decision Law 27 gives a nice explanation of various insufficient bid scenarios.

Of course, after the 1 Notrump insufficient bid was made by the Left Hand Opponent, partner should call the Director – doing so does not cause partner to lose any rights to accept the call.  But perhaps the insufficient bid was a conventional call, such as a Baron Notrump showing a preemptive three suited takeout; here the NOS partner should be aware of more desirable options.   Note while the Director technically should pull the offender away from the table to avoid passing U. I. to their partner, not many Directors follow this principle.   As an astute player, you can always follow-up with Director if failing to do so lead you to believe your side was injured.

Back to your original question, the main form of Unauthorized Information referenced your statement that partner did not call in tempo, immediately bidding 2D.  While such actions regularly happen at the table, it is possible that the quick tempo conveyed U. I. to you.   In fact, your opponents' could call the Director for redress according to Law 73.d.  Duplicate Decisions and Director Technical Files offer supporting information if you wish to learn more on this complex topic.

To your second question about alerting partner's 2D bid after LHOs insufficient 1 Notrump bid, the ACBL Laws do not address unlikely scenario as this one.  Certainly the ACBL has ruled that partnerships are not allowed to have a special set of conventional responses after an opponent makes an insufficient bid.  So your side is not allowed to have agreements such as a special DONT convention after the insufficient call to show a two suited hand, etc.   Along this line, if partner instead bid 2H, the natural treatment would be “to play” showing a Heart fit – not a conventional bid showing the majors.

But back to your initial question, you are not allowed to make any inferences based on partner's 2D fast-bid over the 1 Notrump call, sufficient or not.  You must assume the bid was made in normal tempo and play according to your partnership agreements.  Finally, after your unique auction, you are indeed allowed to make any legal bid and partner may take appropriate action.  Again, let me stress that you or your partner should be aware of your right to call the Director if an opponent makes an insufficient call.  Too often, the NOS is injured when they unknowingly lose the right to restore equity of Law 27.b.2. after an auction going something like:

2N – (P) – 2D   with 2D meant as a conventional transfer

If the 2D bid was not a "slip of the tongue" or a mechanical bidding box error (thus a slip of the mind), then the 2N opener is barred for the remainder of the auction.  So it's always a good idea to let your Director help everyone adjuticate such isssues. 



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