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Bidding Question

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The more we learn, the more we still need to know - that's Bridge

Is discipline punishment?  No, SIR!
It's the art of order and obedience resulting from "training"


Bid 'em up when you have impunity



Location, location, location

Controls always beat Quackers


Having a bag of tricks (gadgets) can help you get nice treats

If partner opens preemptively with a weak 2 bid, how should I respond with 16-17 points and 5 in a major suit and 3 in a side suit (minor).

Shucks, this requires another "it depends" answer.   Relevant factors to consider include:

How many points does partner's weak 2 promise?  Skilled players have developed specific weak 2 partnership agreements based on vulnerability.   For instance, some play a weak 2 promises 8-10 HCP in first and second seat when vulnerable - known as disciplined preempts.  Others follow a somewhat similar approach using the "Rule of 2-3-4", bidding:

2 levels above available playing tricks with unfavorable vulnerability

3 levels above available playing tricks with neutral (same) vulnerability, and

4 levels above available playing tricks with favorable vulnerability (your side white, opponentsí red). 

For this discussion, letís say you and your partner agree to use disciplined preempts.  Using either of the above approaches and assuming partner is vulnerable, you should force game with your holdings.  However, with neutral or favorable vulnerability, you should take a more cautious approach, considering:

Where are your honors?  Do they compliment partnerís preemptive suit?   If you don't have working honors, you are less likely to make game.  Also see Environmental Factors

What is the quality of your honors?  Are the honors in your long major or side suits?  If in side suits, you are less likely to make game.

What conventional treatment do you use to explore game when partner makes preemptive weak 2 bid?  Do you play RONF (Raise Only Non Forcing), 2N as a "feature ask", or perhaps play an advanced treatment such as Ogust (showing weak/strong hands and weak/strong suits)?   Incidentally, the Feature Ask allows preemptive partner to bid a side suit at the 3 level if holding a King or Ace, a great way to investigate if 3 Notrump is possible with sufficient stoppers; this approach also allows responder to query opener for extra strength when exploring game or perhaps slam.

Opposite a preemptive weak 2 opener, we could generate some 15 point hands that make game while some 18 pointers that have no chance for game.

Finally, as a rule of thumb, with 17 points we typically want to explore game.  Perhaps you'd like to consider books on Preempts I hope this helps - good luck on your bridge.




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