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Not all 4 Notrump bids are created equal


What does 4 Notrump mean here?

1N - 2H; Transfer to Spades
2S - 4N;

Simply playing Jacoby Transfer alone, responder's 2H bid sets trump to Spades and 4N is Blackwood ace-asking.  However, when advanced partners choose to play both Jacoby and Texas Transfers, they have two ways to transfer and bid 4N:

1. 1N - 2H;
    2S - 4N;

2. 1N - 4H;
     4S - 4N;

Clearly, the two methods must have different meaning.  The advanced bidders use method #1 (Jacoby) as a Quantitative Notrump convention, asking partner to bid Slam (6H or 6N) with top
1Notrump opening values, or signoff by passing or bidding 5H with a minimum 1Notrump opening hand. 

So with method #2 (Texas), they have firmly set trump (6+) and are definitely playing their preferred form of the Blackwood ace-asking sequence.

Thus, if a player's (opponents) convention card does not indicate Texas Transfers (4D and 4H transfers),  it's generally accepted scenario #1 is Blackwood ace-asking. However, if they have Texas on the card, then most sophisticated players would likely assume #1 is Quantitative and #2 is Blackwood ace-asking.

Check out Jacoby and Texas Transfer, as well as books on Jacoby Transfers



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