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Garbage men have mixed results - your mileage may vary





Computer to the rescue


And the answer is...



But don't forget other considerations


The Garbage Stayman bid usually works great but I'm not sure when to use it.   Playing Duplicate matchpoint scoring, sometimes it seems the results are better just leaving partner in 1 Notrump.  Can you help give me some guidance?

Nice question, and curious minds deserve good answers on their quest for knowledge.   First, let's assume you and your partner open 1 Notrump with a 15-17 HCP balanced or semi-balanced hand; while the point range isn't relevant for our discussion, we need to use something as a baseline to try various permutations for various responder hands.

For this simulation, let's assume the responder has a singleton or a void in Clubs and no 5 card major.   After plugging the data in a simulator, running hundreds of hands that meet various combined HCP strength thresholds, and checking the "double dummy" output to determine the available tricks, we find:

Responder's HCP Making 1 Notrump
0-3 7%
4 36%
5 45%
6 64%

Noting the results, we can see that up to 5 HCP the responder is wise to make the Garbage Stayman bid.   Of course, this is a generalization depending on Environmental Factors.  For instance, holding a singleton Club honor generally helps offset the shortage in a Notrump contract. 

In conclusion, the 0-5 HCP guideline is a nice rule of thumb; that's 15-20 HCP for partnership if using different 1 Notrump opening range.



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