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Systemic decision


Do you transfer when the bidding begins:

(1N) - X - (P) - ?

First, let's assume the overcaller's Double shows around 15-17 points, a common treatment for partners who play natural overcalls or conventions such as the Cappelletti (Hamilton) convention.

Yes, many players choose to play "systems on" when partner shows a strong hand.  As we've all learned in bridge basics, we want the lead coming to the stronger hand (the Doubler here), which is typically worth at least one-half of trick.  And of course we know it's better to keep the stronger hand unexposed. Yet some top players do not play systems on in any competitive auctions, so it's purely a matter of partnership agreement and style.

Systems on after Double of opener's Notrump can also extend to conventions other than the Jacoby 2 Notrump.  Imagine the auction:

(1N) - X - (2H) - ?       Where 1N is a Weak NT

Many would play "all systems on" here, including Jacoby Transfers,
Texas Transfers, Lebensohl, etc.  Here's some books on Jacoby Transfers and Cappelletti



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