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Category - General

Famous Bridge Disasters
Bird, David                              Advanced     General
Famous Bridge Records
Bird, David
                          Advanced     General
Famous Hands from Famous Matches
Reese, Terence                     Advanced     General
Famous Hands of the Culbertson-Lenz Match
Culbertson, Ely                      Advanced     General
Fiesch: 1991 European Bridge Championships *
Senior, Brian                         Advanced
Fifty years of contract bridge: No Passing Fancy *
Emery, Sue                            Novice                  General
Financial Times Book of Bridge, The
Cotter, Pattrick                     Intermediate   General
Find the Mistakes
Jannersten, Eric                    Intermediate   General
Fine Tuning Your Bridge: Bridge Mini-Series: I                 ABTA Book of the Year 1992
Sands, Norma                        Novice                 General
Finer Arts of Bridge: The: A Textbook on Psychology
Mollo, Victor                           Advanced      General
Finesse, The: How to Win More Tricks More Often
Karpin, Fred                           Intermediate   General
First Book of Bridge
Sheinwold, Alfred                 Newcomer              General
First Principles of Card Play
Marston, Paul                        Novice                 General
First Steps in Card Play
Novrup, Svend                      Novice                 General
Fistful of Honors, A
Horton, Sally                          Intermediate   General
Fit for a King: A Collection of Bridge Brilliancies
Brock, Sally                            Advanced      General
Fits and Misfits
Lederer, Rhoda                    Intermediate    General
Five Card Major Bidding in Contract Bridge
Feldheim, Harold                  Intermediate    General
Five Card Major Bridge Teaching Series: Advanced and Duplicate Teacher's Manual *
Silverman, Shirley                Advanced      General
Five Card Major Student Textbook: Intermediate Bridge *
Silverman, Shirley                 Novice                  General
Five-Card Majors
Klinger, Ron                           Novice                 General
Five Weeks to Winning Bridge
Sheinwold, Alfred                 Novice                 General                        Amazon top 25
For Advanced Player: The: Bridge Student Text  *
Stewart, Frank                      Advanced      General       ABTA Book of Year 1989
For Advanced Players: The Bridge Student - Volume 3 *
Stewart, Frank                      Intermediate   General
For Beginning Players: The Bridge Student - Volume 1 *
Stewart, Frank                      Newcomer             General
For Beginning Players: The Bridge Student Text  *
Stewart, Frank                      Newcomer             General       ABTA Book of Year 1989
For Experts Only
Granovetter, Pamela           Advanced      General
For Intermediate Players: Bridge Student Text *
Stewart, Frank                      Intermediate General        ABTA Book of Year 1989
For Intermediate Players: The Bridge Student - Volume 2 *
Stewart, Frank                     Intermediate    General
For the Beginner, For the Advanced Player: Whist of Today, In Two Parts *
Whitehead, Wilber               Novice                   General
For People Who Don't Know 1 Card from Another
Young, Ray                           Newcomer              General
For Winning Contract and Duplicate Play: Sure Winner at Bridge *
White, Clarence                    Intermediate     General
For Winning Duplicate Play: Two Mathematicians Play Contract Bridge *
White, Clarence                    Intermediate     General
Frank Stewart's Contract Bridge Quiz Book
Stewart, Frank                      Intermediate   General
Full Deck of Double Dummy Problems, A
Badger, Terry                       Novice                 General
Fun Way To Advanced Bridge, The
Lampert, Harry                     Novice                 General                       Amazon top 50
Fun Way to Better Bridge Play, The
Lampert, Harry                     Novice                 General
Fun Way to Serious Bridge, The
Lampert, Harry                     Intermediate   General                        Amazon top 10
Fundamental of contract Bridge, The
Goren, Charles                      Novice                 General
Fundamentals of Contract Bridge
Goren, Charles                      Novice                 General
Future Champions' Series, The: I. Introduction to Point Count (pamphlet)
Grant, Audrey                       Novice                 General
Geneva: 1990 World Championship *
Tony Sowter                         Advanced
Get Smarter at Bridge
Adler, Phillip                           Intermediate   General
Getting Started: How to Play Bridge
North, Freddie                       Newcomer             General
Gist of Contract Bridge, The
Work, Milton                          Newcomer             General
Go for the Gold! Becoming an ACBL Life Master
Saxon, Burt                           Novice                  General
Gold Book of Bidding and Play, The: Contract Bridge Complete *
Culbertson, Ely                      Intermediate   General
Golden Age of Contract Bridge
Daniels, David                        Intermediate General
Golden Rules of Competitive Auctions, The
Pottage, Julian                      Intermediate   General
Golden Rules For Rubber Bridge Players, The
Pottage, Julian                       Novice               General
Golden Years of Bridge
Griffiths, John                       Intermediate    General
Goren Settles the Bridge Argument
Goren, Charles                      Novice                  General
Goren's Bridge Complete
Goren, Charles                      Intermediate   General
Goren's Bridge Quizzes
Goren, Charles                      Novice                 General
Goren's New Bridge Complete
Goren, Charles                      Novice                 General
Goren System: Bridge Institute Lesson Manual *
Nash, Garrett                        Novice+              General
Goren's Winning Partnership Bridge: 1961
Goren, Charles                      Novice                 General
Grand Slams: New York Times Bridge Series
Truscott, Alan                        Intermediate   General
Great Bridge Scandal, The
Truscott, Alan                        Intermediate   General
Great Match, The: Naturals vs. Scientists
Reese, Terence                    Advanced       General
Guaruja, Brazil: 1973 World Championship Books *
Hirsch, Tannah                      Advanced      General
Guide to Better Duplicate Bridge
Klinger, Ron                           Intermediate   General
Guide to Bridge, A
Squaire, Norman                   Novice                General
Guide to Good Acol Bidding and Play, A: Basic Bridge *
Klinger, Ron                           Novice                 General
Hammamet Tunisia: 1997 World Bridge Championship Books *
Senior, Brian                          Advanced
Hand Evaluation in Bridge
Senior, Brian                          Novice                 General
Hand Evaluation: Points, Schmoints
Bergen, Marty                        Novice                 General
Hands in Time, The: The Most Exciting Bridge Deals ever Played!
Horton, Mark                         Advanced     General
Helgemo's World of Bridge
Tislevoll, Geo                         Advanced      General
History and All the Best Deals, The: Bermuda Bowl *
Francis, Henry                       Advanced      General
History of Duplicate Bridge
Bracy, Gladys                         Novice                 General
Hoffman of Pairs Play
Hoffman, Martin                   Intermediate   General
Hold Our Bridge Hands
Soloman, Charles                 Intermediate   General
How Mnemonics Will Improve Your Game: Better Bridge With A Better Memory *
Klinger, Ron                           Intermediate  General
How the Experts Do It: Improving Your Bridge
Reese, Terence                    Intermediate General
How the Experts Win At Bridge                                          ABTA Book of the Year 1997
Hall, Burt                                Intermediate General
How the Experts Triumph: Winning Play in Tournament and Duplicate Bridge *
Karpin, Fred                           Intermediate  General
How to be a Good Partner
Stewart, Frank                     Novice                 General
How to Become a Champion: Contract Bridge
Squire, Norman                     Intermediate General
How to Be a Player in Ten Easy Lessons: It's Bridge, Baby *
Bayone, Jeff                          Newcomer            General
How to Bid and Play in Duplicate Tournaments
Sheinwold, Alfred                 Intermediate General
How to Bid and What to Lead
Solomon, Charles                  Novice                General
How to Bid Your Best in Bridge
Seligman, Edith                     Novice                 General
How To Do It Better: Teaching Bridge *
Sydnor, Caroline                   Advanced     General
How to Improve Your Bridge
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced      General
How to Memorize Cards in Five Minutes: Perfecting Your Card Memory *
Edwards, Charles                 Intermediate   General
How to Play: How to Win: Duplicate Bridge *
Kaplan, Edgar                       Intermediate   General
How to Play a Better Game of Bridge
Reese, Terence                    Intermediate   General
How to Play Bridge: Getting Started *
North, Freddie                       Newcomer            General
How to Play Bridge: It's Your Lead *
Senior, Brian                          Novice                 General
How to Play Championship Duplicate Bridge
Nail, Robert                            Advanced    General
How to Play, How to Win: Laws and Ethics: Easy Guide to Duplicate Bridge *
Frey, Richard                         Novice                General
How to play people as well as the cards: Bridge Humanics *
Blackwood, Easley                Intermediate  General
How To Survive Your First Bridge Tournament
Burn, David                            Novice                 General
How to Think Like an Expert: Sharpen Your Bridge Technique *
Kelsey, Hugh                         Advanced         General
How to Win at Bridge
Whitehead, Wilbur                Intermediate General
How to Win at Bridge in 30 Days: A Crash Course in Bridge Basics
Bird, David                              Novice                General
How to Win at Bridge With Any Partner
Fry, Samuel                            Novice                General
How to Win at Contract Bridge
Frey, Richard                         Novice                 General
How to Win at Contract Bridge in 10 easy lessons
Frey, Richard                         Novice                 General
How to Win at Rubber Bridge
Albarran, Pierre                    Advanced      General
How to Win: How to Play: Duplicate Bridge *
Kaplan, Edgar                        Intermediate   General
How to Win in Duplicate Bridge
Miles, Marshall                       Advanced      General
How to Win More Tricks More Often: The Finesse *
Karpin, Fred                           Intermediate   General
How to Win More Tricks: Bridge Made Easy *                         ABTA Book of Year 1982
Sydnor, Caroline                    Intermediate  General
How to Win More Tricks - Book 3: Bridge Made Easy *
Sydnor, Caroline                    Novice                General      ABTA Book of Year 1982
How We Teach and Play Contract Bridge
Tubbs, Lewis                          Intermediate General
How You Can Play Winning Bridge with Blackwood
Blackwood, Easley                Intermediate   General
How's Your Bridge
Lenz, Sidney                          Intermediate   General
How's Your Bridge Game
Osborn, Florence                  Intermediate   General
Human Element in Bridge
Blackwood, Easley                Intermediate   General
Human Side of Bridge, The: Masters and Monsters *
Mollo, Victor                           Advanced      General
I Challenge You: Victor Molo Challenges You to Improve Your Bridge Game
Mollo, Victor                           Advanced
I Love This Game
Auken, Sabine                      Intermediate     General
Improve Your Bidding and Play
Rimington, Derek                 Intermediate   General
Improve Your Bridge
Lederer, Rhoda                    Intermediate   General
Improve Your Bridge
Nunes, Jack                           Intermediate   General
Improve Your Bridge at Home
Forrester, Tony                    Novice                 General
Improve Your Bridge the Lederer Way
Lederer, Rhoda                    Novice                  General
Improve Your Bridge With Oswald Jacoby: 125 Bridge Hands from the Master
Jacoby, Oswald                     Intermediate   General
Improve Your Game: 50 Bridge Puzzles
Lamford, Paul                       Intermediate   General
Improvers Bridge
Browne, Derrick                   Novice                 General
Improving Your Bridge: How the Experts Do It *
Reese, Terence                    Intermediate General
Inferences at Bridge
Miles, Marshall                      Advanced      General
Inferential Reasoning in the Play of Cards at Bridge: Dormer on Deduction *
Dormer, Albert                     Intermediate    General
Ins and Outs and Wins of Contract Bridge, The
Martin, Ira                             Intermediate   General
Inside the Bermuda Bowl
Swanson, John                     Advanced      General
Instant Bridge Bidding
Coffin, George                      Novice                  General
Instant Bridge: A textbook from B to Z
Mollo, Victor                          Novice                  General
Instant Learning through Organization, Classification, and Association: Memory Bridge *
Dendy, Julius                        Intermediate   General
Intermediate Bridge in Three Weeks: A 21-Day Guide to Bridge Mastery
Truscott, Alan                       Novice                  General
Intermediate Bridge: Five Card Major Student Textbook
Silverman, Shirley                Novice                  General
Intermediate - Book 2: Bridge Made Easy *                         ABTA Book of Year 1982
Sydnor, Caroline                   Novice                 General
Intermediate Goren Bridge Book, An: Bridge Is My Passion *
Sharif, Omar                         Intermediate   General
International Bridge Circuit, The: Aces and Places *
Markus, Rika                         Intermediate   General
Introduction, An: Bridge Basics *
Grant, Audrey                       Newcomer             General
Introduction to Bridge
Goren, Charles                      Newcomer             General
Introduction to Bridge: Acol Edition
Marston, Paul                        Newcomer             General
Introduction to Constructive Thinking at the Bridge Table, An: Better Bridge for the Advancing Player *
Stewart, Frank                      Advanced      General
Introduction to Good Bridge, An: Bridge Basics *
Klinger, Ron                           Novice                 General
Introduction to Negative Doubles
Bergen, Marty                       Novice                 Competitive
Introduction to Popular Bridge Conventions, An
Reich, Peggy                         Intermediate   Conventions
Italian Blue Team Bridge Book, The
Garozzo, Benito                    Advanced      General
It's all in the Small
Willemsens, Henk                 Intermediate   General
It's Bridge, Baby: How to Be a Player in Ten Easy Lessons
Bayone, Jeff                         Newcomer             General
It's Your Lead: How to Play Bridge
Senior, Brian                          Novice                General

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