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Name: Duplicate Bridge: How to Play: How to Win
Author: Kaplan, Edgar
Target Audience: Intermediate
Category: General
Pages: 146 Date: 1968

Synopsis: Edgar Kaplan, of the famous New York Card School, has taught thousands how to play winning duplicate bridge. Now, through this unique book, you cab reap the benefits of Kaplan's extraordinary teaching skill. Here is a complete course from fundamentals to advanced strategy and tactics, developed from Kaplan's own experience as a tournament star. It includes everything you need to know to play and win: Scoring, Match Point, Majors, Minors or Notrump, Part-Score Bidding, Game and Slam Bidding, Third and Fourth-Seat Openings, When to Sacrifice, When to Double, IMP Tactics, Tactics when playing Team-of-Four or Board-a-Match, How duplicate bidding differs from contract bidding, Complete explanation of every system and convention now in use. Make new friends! Win master points! Share the fun and excitement of America's most popular competitive pastime!

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