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Name: How to Win at Bridge in 30 Days: A Crash Course in Bridge Basics
Author: Bird, David
Target Audience: Novice
Category: General
Pages: 121 Date: 2003

Synopsis: This book is essentially written for the hundreds of thousands of Bridge players who do not consider themselves expert or even good at the game. It is designed chiefly to call attention to the many correct methods of bidding, play and defense, and to help the reader to remedy common mistakes. The author has endeavored to use simple language and to avoid the excessive use of technical terms. Correct leads, Bridge terms and recognized safety plays are described and advice is given on how to handle difficult situations. It is not a Bridge System. There are no long details of hands to cover every phase of the game but careful study and application of the advice given will certainly make you a winner at Bridge. At the end of the book will be found a number of problems and answers. Readers will get plenty of interest in studying these - each is a short lesson in itself.

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