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Name: For Experts Only
Author: Granovetter, Pamela
Target Audience: Advanced
Category: General
Pages: 207 Date: 1993

Synopsis: A collection of 13 great essays, designed to challenge the imagination of the expert bridge player: 1. Roman Keycard Blackwood - Edwin B. Kantar: A quick guideline to playing this popular slam convention; a list of 37 rules plus 30 example auctions; 2. Make Your Own Relays - by Alan Truscott: You can be your own bidding inventor. It's easy and it's fun; 3. In-And-Out Valuation - by Jeff Rubens: Some honor cards are more valuable than others. Are they in partner's suit or out? 4. Two-Club Rebid Artificial: by Bobby Lipsitz - Ways for opener to show hand-patterns that are not covered by Standard American bidding; 5. What Do You Play-and Why? by Alvin Roth and Tobias Stone, a classic quiz of 22 play problems, detailed with famous players of the past; 6. The Monty Hall Trap: by Phil Martin - Information that the opponents give you is not the same as information you discover for yourself; 7. For Experts Only: by Pamela and Matthew Granovetter - Four essays on cardplay designed to lift the game of the expert and would-be expert. 8. Three Notrump as a Weak Slam Try: by Kit Woolsey - How to distinguish between serious and non-serious slam invitations; 9. How to Be a Difficult Opponent: by Terence Reese - A top declarer wins the first trick with the most ambiguous card he can; 10. Rediscovering the Forcing Notrump: by Eric Kokish and friends - Welcome to the world of the forcing notrump in the 21st Century. Here are new methods for describing responder's hand; 11. Bridge Probabilities: by Steve Bloom - Are two chances better than one? Not always, says this mathematics professor; 12. The Other Way: by Martin Hoffman - Sometimes declarer must play a critical card early, before the defense knows what's going on; 13. Ethics For Experts: by Michael Rosenberg - Huddles, non-huddles, slow cards and fast cards all create a dilemma in the world of bridge ethics

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