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Category - General

Cal 99 Bridge Calendar
Truscott, Alan                        Intermediate    General
Canary Islands: 1974 World Championship Books *
Francis, Henry                       Advanced
Calling a Spade a Spade: Or, Acol in Action
Cohen, Ben                            Novice                 General
Card Play in Suits: Step By Step *
Senior, Brian                          Intermediate General
Challenge Match
Kelsey, Hugh                          Intermediate   General
Challenge The Champs: Book 4
Bridge World                          Advanced
Challenge The Champs: Book 5
Bridge World                          Advanced
Challenge The Champs: Book 6
Bridge World                          Advanced
Challenge The Champs: Book 7
Bridge World                          Advanced
Challenge The Champs: Book 8
Bridge World                          Advanced
Championship Bridge Hands
Whitehead, Wilbur                Advanced
Championship Bridge with Charles Goren
Goren, Charles                      Advanced
Charles Goren Point Count Bidding in Contract Bridge
Goren, Charles                      Novice                  General
Charles Goren's Bridge Quiz Book
Goren, Charles                      Novice                  General
Charles H. Goren's Contract Bridge for Beginners : A Simple Concise Guide for the Novice
Goren, Charles                      Newcomer             General
Charles H. Goren's New Contract Bridge in a Nutshell
Goren, Charles                      Novice                  General
Chicago Bridge
Silverman, Shirley                 Intermediate   General
Clarified Contract
Rossen, Coord                       Intermediate   General
Classroom Method of Teaching Bridge
Plager, Morris                        Advanced
Club Level Duplicate Bridge: Which Strategies Win
Routman, Mark                     Intermediate   General
Collection of Bridge Brilliancies, A: Fit for a King *
Brock, Sally                            Advanced      General
Collins Bridge Quiz Book
Magee, Bernard                   Intermediate   General
Collins Winning Bridge: The Expert Advancer *
Roth, Danny                          Intermediate   General
Collins Winning Bridge: The Expert Beginner *
Roth, Danny                          Novice                 General
Collins Winning Bridge: The Expert Club Player *
Roth, Danny                          Intermediate   General
Collins Winning Bridge: The Expert Improver *
Roth, Danny                          Intermediate   General
Collins Dictionary of Bridge Terms
Donovan, Peter                    Novice                 General
Common Mistakes & How To Avoid Them
Robson, Andrew                   Newcomer               General
Common-Sense Bridge
Markus, Rika                         Intermediate    General
Complete Book of Endplays, The: Double Dummy Bridge *
Coffin, George                      Intermediate   General
Complete Auction Bridge
Whitehead, Wilbur                Intermediate   General
Complete Book of Bols Bridge Tips, The
Brock, Sally                            Advanced         General
Complete Book of Bridge, The
Reese, Terence                    Intermediate    General
Complete Book of Duplicate Bridge, The
Kay, Norman                         Intermediate   General                       Amazon top 50
Complete Book on Hand Evaluation in Contract Bridge
Lawrence, Mike                     Novice                 General                      Amazon top 25
Complete Card Player, The
Ostrow, Albert                      Intermediate    General
Complete Course: Bridge for Beginners *
Mahmood, Zia                       Newcomer              General
Complete Idiot's Guide to Bridge, The                                                     Amazon top 50
Medley, Anthony                   Newcomer             General
Complete Italian System of Winning Bridge, The
Kaplan, Edgar                       Advanced          General
Contract Bridge
Truscott, Alan                       Newcomer              General
Contract Bridge - Bidding
Cayley, Frank                        Novice                  Bidding
Contract Bridge - Play
Cayley, Frank                        Novice                  Play
Contract Bridge and High Card Points: A New Look
Desai, G                                  Novice                 General
Contract Bridge Bidding and Play: Self Teaching Lesson Course for Beginning Players
Gooden, George                   Novice                 General
Contract Bridge Complete
Goren, Charles                      Intermediate   General
Contract Bridge Complete
Culbertson, Ely                      Intermediate   General
Contract Bridge Complete: Point Count
Rovere, Ernest                      Intermediate   General
Contract Bridge Complete: The Gold Book of Bidding and Play
Culbertson, Ely                      Intermediate   General
Contract Bridge For All
Work, Milton                          Novice                  General
Contract Bridge for Auction Players
Culbertson, Ely                      Intermediate   General
Contract Bridge for Beginners
Cohen, Ben                            Newcomer             General
Contract Bridge for Beginners
Culbertson, Josephine         Newcomer              General
Contract Bridge for Beginners
Goren, Charles                      Newcomer             General
Contract Bridge for Beginners and Intermediate Players
Truscott, Alan                        Newcomer             General
Contract Bridge for the Social Player
Habib, David                          Novice                  General
Contract Bridge for Three
Coffin, George                       Newcomer             General
Contract Bridge in 20 Minutes
Thorne, Harold                      Newcomer             General
Contract Bridge of 1929
Warren, Mrs. Prescott         Novice                  General
Contract Bridge: Official Know-It-All Guide *
Truscott, Alan                        Intermediate   General
Contract Bridge Omnibus, The
Thorne, Harold                      Novice                 General
Contract Bridge Self Teacher
Culbertson, Ely                      Newcomer             General
Contract Bridge Standardized
Adams, Charles                     Novice                  General
Contract Bridge Standards
Whitehead, Wilbur                Intermediate   General
Contract Bridge - A Concise Guide
Ewen, Robert                        Novice                 General
Contract Bridge: According to Silodor and Tierney
Silodor, Sidney                      Intermediate   General
Contract Bridge: Advanced Lesson Course
Gooden, George                   Advanced       General
Contract Bridge: Bidding and Play
Gooden, George                   Intermediate    General
Contract Bridge: How to Become a Champion *
Squire, Norman                     Intermediate General
Contract Bridge: The Basics
Rimington, Derek                  Novice                 General
Contract Bridge: What to do and Why
Whithead, Wilbur                  Novice                 General
Contract Whist
Phillips, Hubert                      Intermediate   General
Convention Card, The
McMullin, Edith                      Novice                  General
Copenhagen Open: Politiken Cup 1980 *
Novrup, Svend                      Advanced      General
Country Life Book of Bridge Revisited, The: Best of Gray, The *
Brock, Raymond                    Advanced      General
Crash Course in Bridge Basics, A: How to Win at Bridge in 30 Days *
Bird, David                             Novice                  General
Crawford's Contract Bridge
Crawford, John                     Novice                 General
Culbertson For The Joneses
O'Brien, Maureen                 Novice                  General
Culbertson System Self-Teacher
Culbertson, Ely                      Novice                  General
Culbertson's Contract Bridge for Everyone
Culbertson, Ely                      Intermediate   General
Culbertson's New and Complete Summary of Contract Bridge
Culbertson, Ely                      Intermediate   General
Culbertson-Webster Contract System, The
Culbertson, Ely                      Novice                 General
Cut for Partners
Simon, S. J.                            Intermediate   General
Daily Telegraph: The Book of Bridge *
Fox, George                          Novice                  General
Daily Telegraph Bridge Quiz, The
Fox, George                          Intermediate   General
Dear Billy: Composite of Published Articles
Miller, Billy                              Intermediate   General
Defence at Bridge: 110 lessons by 120 champions
Mollo, Victor                          Advanced      General
Defensive Play: The Bridge Student - Volume 4 *
Stewart, Frank                      Intermediate  General
Develop Your Bidding Judgment
Reese, Terence                    Advanced      General
Dick Cummings Collection, The
Cummings, Dick                    Intermediate General
Distributional Method of Contract Bidding, The: The Bissell System *
Bissell, Harold                        Intermediate   General
Do You Know Your Partner
Bernstein, Andrew               Novice                  General
Do You Really Want to Win at Bridge
Reese, Terence                    Advanced       General
Dormer on Deduction
Dormer, Albert                      Intermediate   General
Dormer on Deduction: Inferential Reasoning in the Play of Cards at Bridge
Dormer, Albert                      Intermediate   General
Double Dummy Bridge: The Complete Book of Endplays
Coffin, George                       Intermediate   General
Duplicate Bridge
Fox, George                           Intermediate   General
Duplicate Bridge
Sheinwold, Alfred                  Novice               General                       Amazon top 50
Duplicate Bridge as a Way of Life: Popular Culture as Metaphor *
Sneden, Lawrence               Intermediate    General
Duplicate Bridge Flipper
Klinger, Ron                           Novice            General
Duplicate Bridge: How to Play: How to Win
Kaplan, Edgar                       Intermediate   General
Duplicate Bridge: Tips for Successful Duplicate Play
Goren, Charles                      Intermediate   General
Duplicate Contract Complete
Gruenther, Alfred                 Intermediate    General
Duplicate Pairs For You
Kambites, Andrew                Intermediate   General
Easier Done Than Said: Brilliancy At The Bridge Table
Parnajape, Prakash             Advanced      General
Easy Bridge for Pupil: Player and Instructor
Ross, Macye                          Novice                  General
Easy Guide to Duplicate Bridge: How to Play, How to Win: Laws and Ethics
Frey, Richard                         Novice                 General
Easy Steps: Eight Steps to Winning Bridge
Goren, Charles                      Novice                 General
Easy-To-Follow Instructions to Have You Playing in No Time: The Everything Bridge Book *
Mueller, Richard                    Newcomer            General
Easybridge! The Comic Book                                              ABTA Book of the Year 1998
McMullin, Edith                      Newcomer             General
Education of a Bridge Player, The
Schenken, Howard               Intermediate   General
Effective Defence at Contract Bridge
Victor, A                                 Intermediate  General
Eight Steps to Winning Bridge: Easy Steps *
Goren, Charles                      Novice                General
Elementary - Book 1: Bridge Made Easy *                               ABTA Book of Year 1982
Sydnor, Caroline                   Newcomer            General
Elements of Bridge, The
Goren, Charles                      Novice                  General
Elements of Contract, The
Phillips, Hubert                     Intermediate    General
Elements of Modern Contract Bridge
Desai, G                                 Intermediate    General
Ely Culbertson's Master Work Contract Bridge Complete
Culbertson, Ely                      Novice                  General
Encyclopedia of Pairs Tournaments, The
Woolsey, Kit                           Advanced      General
Enjoy Learning Bridge
Weisz, Harry                          Novice                 General
Everything Bridge Book, The: Easy-To-Follow Instructions to Have You Playing in No Time
Mueller, Richard                   Newcomer              General
Evolution of Whist
Pole, William                          Novice                  General
Europe's No.1 Player Shares His Secrets of Success: Secrets of Success *
Forrester, Tony                    Advanced          General
Expert Advancer: The: Collins Winning Bridge
Roth, Danny                          Intermediate   General
Expert Beginner: The: Collins Winning Bridge
Roth, Danny                          Novice                 General
Expert Bridge
Stern, Milton                          Novice                 General
Expert Club Player, The: Collins Winning Bridge
Roth, Danny                          Intermediate   General
Expert Improver, The: Collins Winning Bridge
Roth, Danny                          Intermediate   General
Expert Tuition in Tournament Bridge
Brock, Raymond                   Advanced      General

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