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Category - Conventions

Also see: Bidding (General) and  Competitive (Bidding)

A - Z

10 Ways to Improve Your Bridge
Bird, David                            Advanced
     Conventions         Amazon Top 100

20 Great Conventions Flipper
Klinger, Ron                          Intermediate    Conventions

25 Ways to Compete in the Bidding
Seagram, Barbara                Advanced
   Conventions               Amazon top 25

25 More Bridge Conventions You Should Know
Seagram, Barbara               Advanced
25 Steps to Learning 2/1: Bridge                                     ABTA Book of the Year 2003,
Thurston, Paul                      Intermediate   Conventions             Amazon Top 50
25 Ways to Compete in the Bidding
Seagram, Barbara                Advanced
3-D and The MAFIA Club
Lindsay, Ken                          Advanced
ACBL Bridge Series (Bridge, The Spade Series): Commonly Used Conventions *
Grant, Audrey                       Intermediate   Conventions
                                                                                                ABTA Book of the Year 2001
ACBL Bridge Series: More Commonly Used Conventions *
Grant, Audrey                        Intermediate Conventions               Amazon top 25
Aces Scientific
Goldman, Bobby                   Intermediate   Conventions
Acol in Competition
Crowhurst, Eric                     Intermediate   Competitive
Acol in the 90s
Reese, Terence                    Intermediate   Conventions
Acol System applied to American Bridge, The: Blueprint for Bidding *
Reese, Terence                    Intermediate   Conventions
Action System, An: The Hybrid Club *
Vickery, Ronald                    Advanced       Conventions
Advanced American Bidding System, The: Volume III
Pottier, Jerry                        Intermediate    Conventions
Advanced Bridge Bidding for the 21st Century
Hardy, Max                            Advanced      Conventions
And Here's My Convention Card
Turner, Inez                         Intermediate   Conventions
Benjamin Twos
Browne, Derrick                    Advanced      Conventions
Better Bidding In 15 Minutes: Expert Bidding in a Week
Schenken, Howard               Advanced       Conventions
Better Bidding With Bergen: Volume 2 - Competitive Bidding, Fit Bids, and More
Bergen, Marty                       Advanced       Competitive
Bid for Every Occasion from Alpha to Omega, A: Precision Bridge *
Davis, Frank                           Advanced       Conventions
Bid to Win, Play for Pleasure
Rosenkranz, George            Advanced       Conventions
Bid Your Way to the Top (Tips for Tops)
Rosenkranz, George            Advanced       Conventions
Bidding and Forcing Overbids: The New Contract Bridge Club Convention *
Vanderbilt, Harold                 Intermediate   Conventions
Bidding and the Club Convention: Contract Bridge *
Vanderbilt, Harold                 Advanced       Conventions
biggest little Bridge Book in the world - Everyday Bridge Conventions, The
Becker, Jim                            Intermediate    Conventions
Big Diamond and the Fantastic No Trump, The: Revolution in Bridge *
Nail, Robert                            Advanced       Conventions
Blue Club, The
Reese, Terence                     Advanced       Conventions
Blueprint for Bidding: The Acol System applied to American Bridge
Reese, Terence                     Intermediate    Conventions
Bridge, Classic and Modern Conventions
Lindkvist, Magnus                 Advanced        Conventions
Bridge, Classic and Modern Conventions Part 2
Lindkvist, Magnus                 Advanced        Conventions
Bridge, Classic and Modern Conventions Part 3
Lindkvist, Magnus                 Advanced        Conventions
Bridge, Classic and Modern Conventions Part 4
Lindkvist, Magnus                 Advanced        Conventions
Bridge Conventions Complete
Kearse, Amalya                     Advanced       Conventions
Bridge Conventions For You
Klinger, Ron                           Intermediate    Conventions
Bridge Conventions in Depth
Granovetter, Matt                 Advanced      Conventions
Bridge Conventions, Defences and Countermeasures
Klinger, Ron                           Advanced       Conventions
Bridge Conventions: A Guide to Understanding Techniques of Modern Bidding
Kantar, Eddie                         Intermediate    Conventions
Building A Bidding System
Hughes, Roy                          Advanced
CAB System of Bridge, The: The Quintessence of CAB *
Kempson, Ewart                   Intermediate    Conventions
Change to ACOL
Cohen, Ben                            Advanced
Cleveland Club System: The Phoney Club *
Marsh-Smith, David              Advanced      Conventions
Club Convention System of Bidding at Contract Bridge, The
Vanderbilt, Harold                Advanced
Commonly Used Conventions: ACBL Bridge Series (Bridge, The Spade Series)
Grant, Audrey                       Intermediate   Conventions
                                                                                                ABTA Book of the Year 2001
Complete Guide to the Use of Bidding Tools, The: New Minor, Fourth Suit, Forcing Notrump Responses *
Hardy, Max                            Intermediate   Conventions
Contract Bidding and The Club Convention
Vanderbilt, Harold                Advanced       Conventions
Contract Bridge: Bidding and the Club Convention
Vanderbilt, Harold                Advanced       Conventions
Conventional Bidding Explained
North, Freddie                       Intermediate Conventions
Conventions at a Glance
Granovetter, Matt                Advanced      Conventions
Conventions Today
Senior, Brian                         Advanced      Conventions
Current Conventions Made Clear
Lederer, Rhoda                    Intermediate   Conventions
Diamond Major, The
Oakley, Peter                        Advanced       Conventions
Disturbing Opponents' No Trump
Lawrence, Mike                    Intermediate    Conventions
Do You Play Stayman
Stayman, Sam                       Novice                  Conventions
Effective, Aggressive, but Natural Precision: Natural Precision *
Brown, Rick                           Advanced      Conventions
Escaping One Notrump Doubled
Blubaugh, John                     Advanced      Conventions
Every Hand An Adventure
Baron, Randy                        Advanced      Conventions
Everyone's Guide to the New Convention Card
Bergen, Marty                      Intermediate    Conventions
Everyone's Introduction to Bridge Conventions
Desatnick, Shelley                Intermediate    Conventions
Everything You Wanted To Know About Conventions
Rosencrantz, George          Advanced                   Conventions
Expert Bidding in a Week: Better Bidding In 15 Minutes *
Schenken, Howard               Advanced      Conventions
First Steps in Competitive Bridge
Drumev, Christo                    Intermediate  Competitive
Fishbein Convention
Fishbein, Harry                      Advanced     Conventions
Flannery Two Diamond Opening, The
Flannery, Bill                          Intermediate Conventions
Forcing Notrump
Blubaugh, John                     Intermediate    Conventions
Four-Suit Transfers: Practice Bidding Series
Seagram, Barbara
              Intermediate    Conventions
Fourth Suit Forcing
Hardy, Max                            Intermediate    Conventions
Future Champions' Series, The: VII. Overcalls and Takeout Doubles (pamphlet)
Lawrence, Mike                    Novice                 Competitive
Godfrey’s Bridge Challenge
Rosencrantz, George           Advanced      Conventions
Godfrey's Angels
Rosencrantz, George           Advanced      Conventions
Golden Rules of Competitive Auctions, The
Pottage, Julian                      Intermediate Competitive
Guide to Bridge Conventions, A
Squire, Norman                     Intermediate Conventions
Guide to Understanding Techniques of Modern Bidding, A: Bridge Conventions *
Kantar, Eddie                        Intermediate   Conventions
Helms to Hello
Helms, Jerry                          Advanced     Conventions
Howard Schenken's Big Club
Schenken, Howard               Advanced      Conventions
Hybrid Club, The: An Action System
Vickery, Ronald                     Advanced      Conventions
Icelandic Precision
Baldurson, Jon                      Advanced      Conventions
Introduction to Popular Bridge Conventions, An
Reich, Peggy                         Intermediate   Conventions
Introduction to the Law: The Law of Total Tricks Simplified
Cohen, Larry                         Intermediate   Conventions
Inverted Minor Suit Raises
Blubaugh, John                     Intermediate   Conventions
Jacoby 2NT: Practice Your Bidding
Seagram, Barbara                Intermediate   Conventions
Jacoby and Texas Transfer Bids
Blubaugh, John                     Intermediate   Conventions
Jacoby and Texas Transfers Convention, The
Lawrence, Mike                     Intermediate   Conventions
Jason Splinter Bids
Jason, Marvin                        Advanced      Conventions
Jason Two-Way No Trumps Bridge Convention
Jason, Marvin                        Advanced      Conventions
Kaplan-Sheinwold System of Winning Bridge, The
Kaplan, Edgar                       Advanced       Conventions
Kaplan-Sheinwold Updated
Kaplan, Edgar                       Advanced       Conventions
Key to Accurate Bidding, The: Win With Romex *
Rosencrantz, George           Advanced      Conventions
Lebensohl Convention Complete in Contract Bridge, The
Andersen, Ron                      Advanced      Conventions
Lebensohl Convention, The
Blubaugh, John                     Advanced      Conventions
Lebensohl Convention, The
Lawrence, Mike                    Advanced      Conventions
Lebensohl vs Weak Two Bids
Blubaugh, John                     Advanced      Conventions
Lowden Cue Bid
Lowden, Reed                       Advanced         Conventions
Major Diamond, The
Oakley, Peter                        Intermediate   Conventions
Major Suit Raises: The Scanian Way
Nilsland, Mats                         Advanced     Conventions
Master Solvers Archives: 1985-1987
Kleinman, Danny                  Advanced       General
Match Point Precision
Wei, C. C.                               Advanced      Conventions
Medium Club Relay
Klinger, Ron                           Advanced     Conventions
Mike Lawrence's Workbook on the Two over One System
Lawrence, Mike                     Intermediate   Conventions
Millennium Club, The
Poe, Lyle                                 Advanced      Conventions
Mini-Master: Master Doubles *
Klinger, Ron                           Intermediate   Competitive
Minor Suit Transfer Bids
Blubaugh, John                      Intermediate  Conventions
Misunderstood Takeout Double, The
Delmain, Alfred                      Novice                 Competitive
Modern Bridge Conventions
Root, William                          Intermediate Conventions               Amazon top 10
Modern Ideas in Bidding
Truscott, Alan                        Intermediate Conventions
Modern Popular Conventions
Duke, Dan                              Intermediate   Conventions
Modern version of Polish Club, A
Jassem, Krzysztof                  Advanced
More Commonly Used Conventions: ACBL Bridge Series
Grant, Audrey                        Intermediate   Conventions            Amazon top 25
Moscito with Symmetric Relay
Dutton, Nigel                          Advanced     Conventions
Natural Big Club
Coffin, George                      Advanced      Conventions
Natural Precision: Effective, Aggressive, but Natural Precision
Brown, Rick                           Advanced      Conventions
New Contract Bridge Club Convention, The: Bidding and Forcing Overbids
Vanderbilt, Harold                Intermediate   Conventions
New Minor Forcing
Blubaugh, John                      Intermediate Conventions
New Revised Summary of the Super Precision System
Wei, C.C.                                Advanced      Conventions
Opening Two Bids
Marston, Paul                        Novice                 Conventions
Our Precision Style
Borin, Jim                               Advanced      Conventions
Pocket Guide to 2/1 (2 over 1), The
Thurston, Paul                      Intermediate     Conventions
Phoney Club, The: Cleveland Club System
Marsh-Smith, David              Advanced      Conventions
Polish Club, The
Matula, Greg                          Advanced      Conventions
Power Precision: A Revolutionary Bridge System from a World Champion Player
Sontag, Alan                          Advanced      Conventions
Practice Bidding Series: Four-Suit Transfers *
Seagram, Barbara
               Intermediate   Conventions
Practice Your Bidding: Jacoby 2NT *
Seagram, Barbara                Intermediate   Conventions
Practice Your Bidding: Roman Keycard Blackwood *
Seagram, Barbara                Intermediate    Conventions
Precision and Super Precision Bidding
Garozzo, Benito                    Advanced      Conventions
Precision Bidding in Acol
Crowhurst, Eric                     Advanced      Conventions
Precision Bidding in Bridge: The Story of the Cinderella Team
Wei, C. C.                               Advanced      Conventions
Precision Bidding System in Bridge, The
Wei, C. C.                               Advanced      Conventions
Precision Bridge
Jannersten, Eric                   Advanced       Conventions
Precision Bridge for Everyone
Goren, Charles                      Advanced      Conventions
Precision Bridge: A Bid for Every Occasion from Alpha to Omega
Davis, Frank                           Advanced     Conventions
Precision Club
Wei, C. C.
                             Advanced     Conventions
Precision in the 90s
Rigal, Barry
                          Advanced     Conventions
Precision Power Bidding
Hanna, William
                     Advanced      Conventions
Precision System of Bidding, The
Goren, Charles                      Advanced     Conventions
Precision System of Contract Bridge Bidding
Hanna, William                      Advanced      Conventions
Precision System of Contract Bridge Bidding: Charles H. Goren Presents
Goren, Charles                      Advanced     Conventions
Precision Today
Berkowitz, David                  Advanced      Conventions

Precision's One Club Complete
Wei, Katherine                      Advanced      Conventions
Problems with Major Suit Raises, The - and How to Fix Them
Hardy, Max                            Intermediate   Conventions
Quintessence of CAB, The: The CAB System of Bridge
Kempson, Ewart                   Intermediate  Conventions
Revised Nottingham Club Bridge Bidding System, The
Simpson, Bill                          Advanced         Conventions
Revolutionary Bridge System from a World Champion Player, A: Power Precision *
Sontag, Alan                         Advanced      Conventions
Revolution in Bridge: The Big Diamond and the Fantastic No Trump
Nail, Robert                           Advanced         Conventions
Roman Club System of Distributional Bidding, The
Belladonna, Giorgio              Advanced         Conventions
Roman Keycard Blackwood
Blubaugh, John                     Intermediate   Conventions
Roman Keycard Blackwood
Kantar, Eddie                        Advanced         Conventions             Amazon top 100
Roman Keycard Blackwood: Practice Your Bidding
Seagram, Barbara                Intermediate  Conventions
Roman Two Diamond Opening and Variations, The
Munger, Robert                    Advanced         Conventions
Romex System of Bidding System
Rosencrantz, George           Advanced        Conventions
Roth Stone System
Roth, Alvin                             Advanced         Conventions
Scanian Way, The: Major Suit Raises *
Nilsland, Mats                        Advanced      Conventions
Scanian Way, The: Strong Club *
Nilsland, Mats                        Advanced         Conventions
Simple Conventions
Horton, Mark                         Novice                 Conventions
Simplified Club, The
Weiss, Larry                          Advanced         Conventions
Simplified Precision Bridge
Wei, C. C.                               Advanced         Conventions
Simply Blue (Blue Club)
Macmillan, W                         Advanced         Conventions
Splinter Bids: Practice Your Bidding
Seagram, Barbara               Intermediate   Conventions
Splinters and Other Shortness Bids
Hardy, Max                            Advanced         Conventions
Standard Bidding with SAYC
Ned Downey and Ellen Pomer (Caitlin)   Novice Conventions
Story of the Cinderella Team, The: Precision Bidding in Bridge *
Wei, C. C.                               Advanced      Conventions
Strong Club: The Scanian Way
Nilsland, Mats                       Advanced          Conventions
Summary of Super Precision System
Wei, C. C.                               Advanced         Conventions
TANC Bidding: The Offensive
Antoff, Theo                          Advanced      Conventions
Two Over One Game Force Quiz Book
Hardy, Max                            Intermediate   Conventions
(2/1) Two Over One Game Force Simplified
Jarman, Kara                        Intermediate   Conventions
Two Over One in a Nutshell
Berry, Dee                             Intermediate   Conventions
Ultimate Club
Becker, Mike                         Advanced       Conventions *
Understanding The Contested Auction
Klinger, Ron                           Advanced     Competitive
Useful Space Principles and Transfer Advantages of Overcalls
Ruben, Jeff                            Advanced     Conventions
Vienna System of Contract Bridge, The
Stern, Paul                            Advanced      Conventions
Viking Precision Club, The
Groetheim, Glenn                 Advanced      Conventions
Volmac Precision System
Garozzo, Benito                    Advanced     Conventions
What's New in Bridge
Jacoby, Oswald                     Intermediate  Conventions
Win With Romex: The Key to Accurate Bidding
Rosencrantz, George           Advanced     Conventions
Woodson 2-Way No Trump
Woodson, William                 Intermediate   Conventions

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