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Name: Romex System of Bidding System
Author: Rosencrantz, George
Target Audience: Advanced
Category: Conventions
Pages: Date:

Synopsis: The basic philosophy of the Romex system is to define the strength and the distribution of the hands as soon as possible. To achieve this, we place the relatively low maximum limit of about 17 points on the opening one-bid in a suit, which is predominantly used in its natural sense. By natural we mean that the bid bears a direct relationship to the strength and length of the suit named. Artificial bids of one notrump, two clubs and two diamonds are used to describe strong hands with specific distributions. Each of these categories is rather strictly limited, so that the negative inferences gained when these bids are not used allow responder to obtain a sharp picture early in the bidding. Thus the combined potential of partnership assets emerges clearly and with straightforward simplicity in the first rounds of bidding. The recurring nightmare of standard bidding is cleanly eliminated. No longer need you contemplate the uncertainty of the unlimited opening one-bid with its interminable forcing sequences. Gone is the frustration of waiting for opener and responder to limit their hand, which sometimes happens only at a level already too high and, alas, too late.



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