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Name: Blue Club, The
Author: Reese, Terence & Garozzo, Benito
Target Audience: Advanced
Category: Conventions
Pages: 170 Date: 1969

Synopsis: The Blue Club is the latest and most sophisticated version of the Neapolitan system, which, together with the Roman, has brought victory to Italy's famous Squadra Azzurra in every world championship since 1956. Precision in bidding, especially in the slam zone, has been the key to the BlueTeam's repeated triumphs and in this book world champion Benito Garozzo and his collaborator, Leon Yallouze, pass on the successful formula. Much of the system is simple and natural. But there are also sequences and conventions too complex for everyday use, yet un deniably effective in tournament play. A pair who take the trouble to master the Blue Club will start any competition with a formidable advantage. But there is no need to go the whole way. A student can pick and choose, adopting the methods best suited to his style and putting the rest aside. Even if he takes nothing, he will learn a lot from his preview of the future, of the bridge which is played today at the summit and will be played tomorrow on the slopes below.

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