Poll #21, Finesse: Missing King-Jack, 12/31/2010

Contract and Duplicate Bridge: Finessing King and Jack

Okay Bridge friends, what do you say we finish the year with some real finesse? Here at our virtual table, we appreciate holding both the Ace and Queen even if they are not both in the same hand (so called “working honors”). Yet playing in Notrump and holding the Ace allows us to control the tempo, should we wish to duck a trick along the way.

And as in real life, we’ve also included a hand with some nice body cards that might come in handy if we can figure out how to play a secondary finesse. Ah the joys of Bridge, a lifetime of learning. We here at BridgeHands wish you all a joyous New Year!


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Similar to Poll #19 and 20, in today’s polling question we are faced with how to play a suit missing two honors: this time we are missing the King-Jack.  As you will recall from our earlier lessons, we typically finesse toward the lower connected honors (giving consideration to length and placement of honors). [Read more…]