Advanced Lesson 11 – 2/1 (Two over One) Part 2

Now that we have covered the basics of the 2/1 system, essentials of the Forcing 1 Notrump response and associated responder rebids, we are ready to explore an assortment of agreements to consider with your various 2/1 partners.  Here is a sample of opener rebids for us to consider…

1. 1H/S – 2x; 2N  Promise a stopper?

2. 1H/S – 2C/D;  Game forcing?

3. 1H/S – 2x; 2H/S  Promise a 6 card suit?

4. 1H/S – 2D; 3C  Any special requirements

5. 1S – 2D; 2H – 3C  What does this mean?

6. When is responders 1 Notrump non-forcing?

And wouldn’t you know, the three top 2/1 Bridge authors each have different ideas on partnership agreements!   So with over 150 minutes of instructional video material, you won’t want to miss this lesson and consider our BridgeHands recommendations.  In addition to 80 minutes of “chalk talk” including illustrative hand, we will provide complete bidding and play commentary over 10 hand to demonstrate lessons learned – including much on defender play, how to read the opponents tells.  And if that isn’t enough, check out our attempt to offer a bit of humor by the “MAD HATTER!”

So as always, we have a plethora of  Bridge hands here at BridgeHands and we welcome you to view our online archive with hundreds of hours of Bridge videos are always available here:
Index to Videos” on the navigation above or simply click this link.

All audiences – Part 1, When 1 Notrump is forcing – 22 minutes

All audiences – Part 1b, Bid and play 2 hands – 22 minutes

Free, Premium and ULTRA Members – Part 2, 2/1 opener rebid issues – 28 minute video

Free, Premium and ULTRA Members – Part 2b, Bid and play 2 hands – 18 minute video

Premium and ULTRA Members – Part 3, Compare variances by top 2/1 teachers – 28 minute video

Premium and ULTRA Members – Part 3b, Bid and play 3 hands- 19 minute video

Premium and ULTRA Members – Part 3b2, Bid and play 3 hands- 20 minute video

Premium and ULTRA Members – download PowerPoint slides for Part 1-3

We hope you enjoy the show!

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