Poll #18, Contract Bridge – Dummy Rights, 12/24/2010

Contract Bridge Laws – Dummy Rights

What’s up with the declarer’s partner being affectionately called, “THE DUMMY” anyway? One popular belief dates back to the mid-1800s where Whist preceded Bridge. The notion of a “dummy” was derived by three English soldiers stationed in India, unable to find a fourth player. Their variation became known as Dummy Whist, the predecessor to our Bridge game. Fortunately, back home from the frontier today Bridge players have four players at the table. But the fascinating concept of exposing the cards of declarer’s partner stuck, so the player is referred to as “the dummy.”

In today’s polling question, we will probe your knowledge to detect one of the things the dummy is NOT permitted to do during play. Who would have thought that Bridge Laws 42 and 43 had so much to say about Dummy Absolute Rights, Qualified Rights and Limitations?

Good luck with the poll and we hope you enjoy the holidays!

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Whew, there really are a lot of details to our Bridge Laws, wouldn’t you agree? While most of us may not be legally oriented, it’s still wise to have a good understanding of the rules that govern our game. So let the laws be your friend and I hope everyone enjoys fair play in our wonderful game.

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