Poll #12, Bid Two Marginal Hands 12/10/2010

As the saying goes, “The chicken’s have come back to roost,” meaning:

…. “Okay folks, most of us wanted to bid one or both of these hands on
Monday and Wednesday so here they are together – go for it!”

A small percentage of our poll respondents passed South’s questionable 12 HCP hand on Monday; if they wish to continue bidding their style, then their two options are either pass again in third seat or bid 1H in third seat allowing them to pass partner’s response.   Incidentally, several months ago a leading Bridge columnist and world class champion featured two hands similar to our hands.  You might be surprised by his recommendations (after bidding please login for more on analysis).

Ostensibly the majority will continue to bid 1S with South’s hand.  Playing Standard American bidding style, North will respond 2H with 11 HCP and a 5 card Heart suit.  From here the bidding gets interesting, although here we provide you the luxury of viewing both hands before bidding.  Still, try to visualize the North and South hands individually by themselves so you’ll be making fair bids as you would at the table. 

Okay, see you on the other side after you’ve made your bids.  And after responding to the poll, we have a special treat for you today.   After you login to your FREE Membership Subscription account, we will include the results from our double-dummy simulator.  We plug in the above hands, then deal hundreds of random hands to East/West, recording the number of possible tricks available for North/South.  Hmm, interesting, all very interesting…

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