Poll #20, Finesse: Missing King-Queen, 12/29/2010

Contract and Duplicate Bridge: Finessing King and Queen

Finesse, finesse, let me count the ways.   Yes, the road to successful finesses has many twists and turns down the pathway to success.  So let’s scoot up to our virtual Bridge table and give it our best shot.

On today’s poll, we are blessed with some nice honors but missing the King and Queen.  As declarer you are the conductor and partner is your orchestra across the table.  So it’s time to locate the royal nobility – let the music begin. 


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Similar to Poll #19, in today’s polling question we are faced with how to play a suit missing the King-Queen.  When missing these “royal honors” most of  the time we again finesse toward the lower connected honors (giving consideration to length and placement of honors).

♠ J 10 2
J 10 9 8
K 10 3
♣ K 3 2

♠ —

♣ 10





♠ —

♣ —

♠ A 4 3
A 5 4
Q 9 8 2
♣ A Q 5

On the above hand, South opens 1 Notrump with a balanced 16 HCP.  North holds a flat 8 HCP with lots of secondary honors – 7 to be exact and bids 2C Stayman hoping for a Heart fit with South.  When South bids 2D denying major suit support, North bids an invitational 2 Notrump.  South has a hair pulling exercise deciding whether or not to accept a 3 Notrump game.   Assuming South is willing to take a bit of a gamble and bid 3 Notrump, it’s time to plan your play. [Read more…]