Poll #9, Opening lead or bid in live auction, 12/3/2010

We finish this week with our same 2=5=4=2 hand. By this time, you are either getting to think of this hand as your old friend or ready to move on to one with better values.

As you will recall, on Poll #7 the opponents played in a 3 Notrump game, while on Poll #8 the opponents jumped up to a 6 Notrump slam. So let’s go the other way and finish this week with a competitive auction. RHO again starts with 1 Notrump and, no surprise, we pass as always. But this time Lefty makes a conventional 2 Heart call – a Jacoby Transfer requesting partner to bid 2 Spades.

However the fun has just begun! Now partner doubles the conventional 2 Heart call, certainly having something to say about opponents artificial bid. Next RHO freely bids 2 Spades and the bidding comes back to you. Will you continue to pass, having an idea what to lead? Or then again, based on your partner’s double, should you bid something yourself? (favorable vulnerability)

Okay, consider LHOs requirements to make a Jacoby Transfer – what do you know about Lefty’s length? What about LHOs strength? Consider what prompted partner to double – what’s that all about? Think about why opener RHO freely bid 2 Spades after your partner doubled – is RHOs bid mandatory or optional in some situations?

Thankfully, you do not have to answer all these pesky questions. However, you may want to ponder a deeper meaning before you decide on your lead… or make a bid over Righty’s 2 Spade call. Good luck!


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