Poll #16, Bridge Rules – when is a card played? 12/20/2010

Contract/Duplicate Bridge Laws – Played Card

The idea behind Bridge laws is to ensure the game is a fair contest.   But sometimes a player makes a mistake or an error that is not in accordance with the the rules of our game.  Since the action (or sometimes an inaction) by the offending side might adversely affect the outcome of the game, the laws come to the rescue of the non-offending side.  The intent of the laws is not to punish the offenders but rather to restore equity to the non-offending side.

Well, that’s how the story goes yet most of will recall an incident where our well intentioned action was challenged as an infractions.  Thus, it’s good to ensure we have a solid understand of common Bridge laws.

In today’s polling question, we explore our understanding of a basic law – when is a card considered to be played?  Hmm, you’d think we all would know this rule since everyone except for the dummy plays 13 cards on every hand.  Yet often when we are taught the basics of Bridge, our mentors don’t always get around to teaching us the finer points of the game.  Or perhaps someone has given us correct information that applies in one situation but not another.  Or worse yet, perhaps our well intended playmates haven’t quite given us the correct information about the laws at all.

Good luck with the poll and better luck playing your cards!

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