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What is a blog you ask? We will get to that shortly but lets cut to the chase and explain what you can find at our blog and more importantly, how it can help you (WIIFM = What’s In It For Me?)

Our BridgeHands blog area is all about online Bridge instructional videos!  WIIFM? Glad you asked…

The problem with most traditional Bridge instruction is based on static text and diagrams or well intended but incomplete dialog.  Reading lengthy text with convoluted explanations can be, well, a bit tedious, dry and downright …

Here at BridgeHands we focus on multimedia videos that are designed to provide everyday and advancing Bridge players fun, easy to understand commentary that is enlightening, entertaining, as well as educational.  Lessons that you will quickly you will learn Bridge when its convenient for you, choosing your topic of interest among hundreds of hours of video footage.  As you would expect, you can view high resolution HD videos immediately upon signing up.  And of course you can use the video playhead to “Scrub” the videos forward and backward, providing you complete control to enhance your learning experience.  Gone are the days missing an important point or having to wade through uninteresting explanations. 

And best yet, during the play of the hand you will be watching an animated screen sequence with all 52 cards clearly visible!  Our members find its both easier to learn, understand and retain new concepts when the student has the luxury to view EVERYONE’S cards, not just their own hand and wonder what happened after the dust settles.

Beginning in the Summer of 2020, we moved our “Polling You,” “Social,” “Advanced” and “Hands of the Week” video series to the robust and user-friendly Patreon website.

  1. Polling You – detailed 1-2 hour video lessons with numerous hands.  These featured an introductory “polling” question to ask our members thoughts on how to handle a Bridge situation.

    2. Social – For our emerging novice-to-intermediate Bridge players, we offered comprehensive multi-segmented video lessons, complete with animated card play and comprehensive narration of what’s going on inside the mind of each player.
    3. Advanced – For our higher-level and Duplicate Bridge players, we offered comprehensive multi-segmented minute video lessons, complete with animated card play and comprehensive narration of what’s going on inside the mind of each player.
    4. Hand of the Week – These hands were taken from actual play across numerous Duplicate Bridge tables, where bidding and play varied widely… each with varying results.  Or as we like to say, “The Good, The Bad and the UGG!”

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