Poll #10, To Bid – Or Not To Bid? 12/6/2010

Sometimes we are dealt marginal hands leaving us “on the fence” deciding whether to open or pass. This week BridgeHands tests your mettle with several hands too close to comfortably call. When you stop to reflect on our bidding style, it frequently correlates to our risk/reward “flair” in real life. Strange game, this creation we call Bridge.

In these situations where it’s too close to make a comfortable call, perhaps the most important lesson learned is:

1) How does you style compare with your partner?

2) How does your style compare with the larger Bridge community?

3) How do you perceive others will vote? (right or wrong)

And that’s where our “Polling You” enters the picture. So log your vote and see where you stand among hundreds of others who are making their selection.

As this week progresses, we will build on this theme, looking at another marginal hand, finishing up with coordinated bidding.

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