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Name: Focus On Hocus Pocus
Author: Brecher, Erwin
Popularity: Amazon Top 100
Target Audience: Intermediate
Category: Play
Pages: 200 Date:

Synopsis: The recent meeting of the two authors enabled them to combine a selection of one hundred chess problems submitted by Erwin Brecher and a similar number of bridge problems collected by Danny Roth. In the chess, the reader is invited to find a brilliant continuation which was found, or in some cases missed, by top-class players. With the bridge, the book is again a ‘first’. Whereas most bridge books concentrate on either declarer play or defense, here hands are highlighted in which there is scope for good play by both sides so it is a question of ‘on whom do you put your money?’ There is plenty of excitement from start to finish. All four hands are shown and the discussion of bidding is kept to a minimum, only appearing where it is directly relevant to the play.

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