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Eastern Scientific

In the 1970's, the partnership of Richard and Rhoda Walsh, John Swanson, and Paul Soloway developed a variant of Eastern Scientific system that incorporated a “two over one” (2/1) game forcing response by an unpassed hand (and no interference).  The new system was originally known as Walsh, sometimes referred to as 'Western Roth-Stone' based on its California origination. Over time, the Walsh system was commonly referred to as 2/1 Game Force.  The original elements of the Eastern Scientific system included:

1. Strong Notrump
2. Non-forcing Stayman
3. Jacoby Transfers
4. Five card major suit openings
5. Forcing Notrump responses to major suit opening bid
6. Limit raises
7. Two over One responses almost game forcing
8. Preemptive weak two bids
9. Strong artificial 2C opening bid

Bridge professional and author Richard Pavlicek shares his adaptation of the Eastern Scientific convention card at his website.

Also see  2/1Bridge World Standard, ACOL, Eastern Scientific, Goren, Italian Blue Club, Kaplan-Sheinwold (KS), Moscito, Precision, RomanWalsh, Standard American Yellow Card (SAYC).

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