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Name: Bridge Players Encyclopedia, The
Author: Frey, Richard
Target Audience: Intermediate
Category: General
Pages: 691 Date: 1967

Synopsis: Nearly all the entries in this Encyclopedia fall within five main categories: technical (bidding and play); historical; procedural (tournament organization, laws etc.); biographical and geographical; terminological. Historical. Every effort has been made to trace the history of the American Contract Bridge League and other major organizations. Procedural. The Laws of both Rubber Bridge and Duplicate Bridge are given in full, and these include a number of clarifications agreed upon by the international lawmaking bodies after the publication of the 1963 Codes. Biographical and Geographical, Over fifty bridge-playing countries throughout the world are listed, in addition to over five hundred of their players. Terminological. The editors have attempted to list and define all terms, both regular and colloquial, in common use throughout the English-speaking bridge world. For bridge terms in other languages, the reader is referred to the GLOSSARY.

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