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1.1. Why Play Bridge?

  1.2. Perfection Is A Goal, Bridge Is Reality

1.3. History Of Bridge


1.4. The Objective Of Bridge – Elementary Scoring


1.5. Let’s Watch Others Play A Hand Of Bridge


1.6. Players At A Bridge Table


1.7. The Deck, The Shuffle And Cut, Dealing, Sorting Cards


1.8. Bridge Phases: Bidding and Play


1.9. The Sequence Of Bidding


1.10. The Auction Leads to A Contract


1.11. Trump Suit Or Notrump Contract


1.12. The Sequence Of Play


1.13. How Tricks Are Made And Lost


1.14. Achieving the Contract


1.15. Acknowledging Etiquette


1.16. General Strategies And Tactics – Risk And Reward


1.17. Bridge Begins With A Player


1.18. Hand Evaluation – Opener: Minimum, Medium, Maximum


1.19. Honor Points


1.20. Distribution Points – Suit Length And Shortage


1.21. Making The First Bid In An Auction – Requirements
(Things To Remember – easy using 52/2 = 26 for game,
52/4=13 to open, 52/8=6 to respond to opener)


1.22. Bridge Is A Partnership Game -- Or Should Be!


1.23. Looking For A Suit Fit With Your Partner


1.24. Telling The Truth


1.25. Thinking About Rebids – Be Prepared

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