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Perfection is a Goal, Bridge is Reality!


Every situation
is different

Have you ever thought about how many different hands might be dealt to the players at a Bridge table?  Would you believe it's 53,644,737,765,488,792,839,237,440,000 ? (that's 29 digits)  Mercifully, 80 percent of the hands dealt to a player are one of seven different shapes -- that is the number of cards in each of the four suit.  We will discuss these terms shortly.

Common tactics
based on fundamentals
help us chart the course

Also, there are millions of combinations of how to play the cards at the Bridge table, and certainly not everyone has the same ideas or tactics on how to achieve their goal.  In fact, two different players playing the same cards may even have a different goal.   Fortunately, a limited number of basic methodologies recur each time we play Bridge.

We learn from
our experience
(or repeat our errors)

We previously mentioned that other factors like communication, behavior, and others influence our results.  You get the point --  Bridge isn't necessarily a trivial game.  So don't be too hard on yourself.  The most important thing is to learn from our experiences and have fun with the game.   Can you imagine how many times a Grand Master at Bridge has goofed up at the table?  A whole lot more than we probably ever will.  So every time we miss our best play, we have an opportunity to improve ourselves the next time that situation arises.


That said, the BridgeHands is here to support your efforts to learn and improve your Bridge skills, as well as have some fun in the process.  Soon, we'll be ready to develop those skills.


Let's take a look at the history of Bridge.


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