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Objective of Bridge -
Elementary Scoring


Let's take a glimpse of how scoring motivates the Bridge player.  Later in this course, we will cover scoring in greater detail -- for now, let's focus on the big picture.


Bid first, Play later


Bridge scoring is based on successfully reaching your stated goal.  So the two phases of Bridge are:

Bidding - forecasting the optimum result during play

Play - using your best technique to score a maximum result as you play your cards

Bridge - Risks
and Rewards

If your commitment (Bid) and attainment (Made) are in harmony, you will score a good result.  If your objective is at or above certain thresholds, you will receive a bonus.  Of course, if you fail to meet your goal, you will face a consequence.

Everyone loves a Bonus.

 We don't get a bonus unless our Bid and result reaches a given threshold.






 On Scenario A, we missed a Part Score Bonus
get Penalized. 

Often it's better to stop bidding at the lowest level if we can't attain the the Bonus threshold. 
We obtain the same score whether we Bid 2 and  Make 2 or we  Bid 1 and Make 2. 

Try not to take risks unless there's a good chance for a Bonus in your future!

Without getting into all the mathematics of scoring right now, here's a graphical representation.
Phase of Bridge Bidding Play

Scoring Thresholds





Ultra Bonus - Grand Slam















Super Bonus - Slam

Good - Game Bonus

Okay - Part Score

Penalty - Missed Commitment

Scenario Commitment (Bid) Level Attainment Level Made Result
A 2 1 Penalty

We failed to make our commitment so we receive a penalty.

B 2 2 Part Score

We made our commitment and receive a "Part Score" award.

C 2 4 Part Score

While we receive a fair Part Score award, we missed a Game Bonus.

D 4 6 Game Bonus

We make our commitment which was at the Game-level, so we are awarded a Game Bonus. 

E 4 6 Game Bonus

We exceed our commitment yet do not get the extra award for Slam; instead, we receive only a Game Bonus. 

F 6 6 Slam Bonus

We achieve a Slam Bonus -- a handsome award!

G 7 6 Penalty

Oh oh, we bid the maximum possible but since we didn't make our bid, we don't get any bonus at all -- and are even penalized!

This segment ends our prelude to the Learning module - we hope we've whetted your appetite.  

Expect exciting developments in early 2006...

We have a bit more here

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