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Why Play Bridge?


Bridge is a fascinating game, unrivaled from other card games by its depth.  Tens of thousands of books have been written about Bridge.  That seems like a lot to say about 52 cards!  Bridge players find the following factors captivating:

Support your Partner

Bridge is a partnership game.  No matter how good you and/or your Partner might be, unless the two of you play in harmony, it will be difficult to obtain a good result.

It helps to be aware...

Bridge requires you to think on several dimensions!  Effective Bridge players analyze and deduce, recall, notice behavior subtleties, keep calm and focused, etc.

and progress.

Bridge can be a lifetime of learning -- you can always learn more about the game, people, and maybe even yourself!  In fact, unlike many sports, you can continue playing Bridge well into your "Senior Years."

It's a Game...

Bridge can be fun!  As you and your partner perform well and achieve goals, you have a right to be both elated and proud.

but not an easy one

Bridge is a real challenge!  The variables include your cards, others cards, the relationship between everyone's cards, the skills and disposition of the players at that moment, and even outside factors. Whew!

Be sociable...

Bridge is a great way to meet people.  Bridge can be played in a party atmosphere as well as a competitive environment against numerous others.  Either way, Bridge provides an opportunity to build relationships.

and learn about
people, too.

In fact, the game of Bridge offers a microcosm of interrelationships between people.  Watching what happens at the Bridge table provides an opportunity of what happens between people in real life.  Knowledge, skill, learning, communication, trust, compatibility, risk assessment and mitigation, as well as many other behavioral traits can be observed at the Bridge table.


Okay, now let's look at at Bridge from a practical perspective:

        Perfection Is A Goal, Bridge Is Reality

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