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Specific Kings - A popular 5 level Slam method used to determine King holdings.  The Specific King ask begins with one of these conditions are met:


4 Notrump Slam bidder rebids 5 Notrump, promising partnership holds 4 Aces, the trump King and Queen


4 Notrump Slam bidder queries partner about trump Queen, promising partnership holds 4 Aces and the trump King.  4 Notrump bidder next queries partner about the trump Queen.

In response, partner bids "up the line" beginning with the rank of the lowest King held.  Either partner bids 6 of the agreed major to signify no further Kings to disclose.

See 1430 and Roman Key Card Blackwood

Also see books on Slam and other slam conventions: 1430, Baby Blackwood, Blackwood, Controls, Exclusion Blackwood/Voidwood, Gerber, Grand Slam Force, Jacoby 2 Notrump, Key Card Blackwood, Kickback, Last Train,  NAMYATS, Pick a Slam, Quantitative Notrump Bid, Rolling Blackwood, Serious 3 Notrump, Slam Try - Stayman, Splinters, Opener Jump Shift, Specific Kings, Specific Suit Ask, Strong Jump Shift, and legacy treatments as Roman Asking Bids, Roman Blackwood, Roman Gerber.  Slam treatments also include interference of an overcall by opponents, as Negative Slam Double, DOPI, DEPO, ROPI.

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