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Book Review Index: Topic - Slam

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Better Slam Bidding With Bergen  
Bergen, Marty                      Intermediate   Bidding
Blackwood on Slams
Blackwood, Easley                Intermediate     Bidding
Cue Bidding to Slams
Klinger, Ron                           Advanced      Bidding
How to Play Slam Contracts
Karpin, Fred                           Advanced     Declarer
Master Slam Bidding: Mini-Masters Series
Kelsey, Hugh                         Intermediate    Bidding
Practical Slam Bidding
Klinger, Ron                           Intermediate    Bidding
Roman Keycard Blackwood
Blubaugh, John                     Intermediate   Conventions
Roman Keycard Blackwood
Kantar, Eddie                        Advanced         Conventions             Amazon top 100
Roman Keycard Blackwood: Practice Your Bidding
Seagram, Barbara                Intermediate  Conventions
Slam Bidding Made Easier  
Bergen, Marty                      Intermediate   Bidding

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