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Name: Better Slam Bidding With Bergen
Author: Bergen, Marty
Target Audience: Intermediate
Category: Bidding
Pages: 64 Date: 2008

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Synopsis: The Companion Workbook to Slam Bidding Made Easier - YOU CAN Bid Slams Better!

What every player must know to reach good slams. Many helpful checklists are included to help solidify your partnership. In addition, you will learn:
The only sure-fire way to improve your slam bidding.
Which agreements are essential for all RKC players.
How to evaluate your hand the way the experts do.
An invaluable convention to add to your repertoire.
What every partnership needs to know about Splinter Bids.
And much, much more!

"This perfect compliment to Slam Bidding Made Easier is loaded with valuable tips. A must-read for all players who want to bid slams better." Larry Cohen, 25-Time National Champion


See Table of Contents

Review Chapter 3 - Control Bids

Review Chapter 6 - 5NT Pick a Slam


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