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About Laws of Contract Rubber Bridge



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About this Version of the Laws of Contract Bridge
(Rubber Bridge Laws)


This document is provided courtesy of the
American Contract Bridge League

2990 Airways Blvd. S Memphis TN 381163847
S Fax 9013987754

It was David Stevenson (Great Britain) who first came up with the idea of making a WWW version of the Rubber Bridge Laws (July 20, 1998); and with great speed, he obtained permission from the Portland Club - and later from the EBL - (two of the copyright holders) in order to make a WWW version. The ACBL (another copyright holder) later decided (October 14, 1998) to join in the decision to place the Rubber Bridge Laws on the WWW.
The next step was to get an electronic copy of the Laws. Although the American edition had been reprinted as recently as April, 1997, no electronic copy was in existence.
Kent Burghard, ACBL, suggested OCR-scanning of the American paper edition pages and then he did it! He scanned the 64 pages of the American law book and got the content as RTF files. From these files, the text of the law book could be extracted as text files.
The text (and the RTF) files were filled with scanning errors (probably because the font size used in the American edition is very small), so there was a considerable work with fixing those errors (done by Kent Burghard and myself). Guess what this line - taken from one of the unfixed text files - should be:
The ACBL supplied me with the paper edition of the Laws (to see the layout - and to use it for proof-reading).
The conversion of the text files to html (and making the links) didn't take much time, since it was done using a PERL script (PERL is a programming language - available for both UNIX and PCs).
After the American version, the English version was made. Here David Stevenson was (as usual!) very helpful and carefully proof-read the text of the English version. The errors he found were corrected in the English version and most of them also existed in the American version (there are some - mostly smaller - differences between the English and the American version and the American version contains a section called "Alternative Club Laws", which is not in the English version).
The final proof-reading of the American version has been done by Chyah and Kent Burghard, ACBL.


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