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Last Train Cuebid (Squeeze Bid) - After agreeing on a major suit trump fit, a 4 level rebid beneath the agreed trump suit suggesting mild slam interest with game-plus values.  Implicitly, the Last Train cuebid implies values insufficient to bid slam via Blackwood  but more than enough to signoff in game (thus lacking Ace controls).

A Bridge World survey showed a 75 percent consensus approving the Last Train convention, with the following definition:

“Any time there is only one call that indicates slam interest or further slam interest without raising the partnership’s level of commitment, it is a Last Train slam-try, unrelated to the strain named (unless followed by an uninvited further action).”

1H - 3H;
4C - 4D;

4D suggests to partner 3H was at the high range (perhaps a slight underbid), inviting partner to consider slam exploration.

(1C) - 1H- (P) - 4C;
(P) -   4D

4D implies opener has extra values above game, asking responder to consider slam bidding slam (4C is a splinter bid showing 4+ Hearts)

1S - 4D;

4H asks responder to consider bidding slam with extra values (4D is a splinter bid showing 4+ Spades)

Also see books on Slam and other slam conventions: 1430, Baby Blackwood, Blackwood, Controls, Exclusion Blackwood/Voidwood, Gerber, Grand Slam Force, Jacoby 2 Notrump, Key Card Blackwood, Kickback, Last Train,  NAMYATS, Pick a Slam, Quantitative Notrump Bid, Rolling Blackwood, Serious 3 Notrump, Slam Try - Stayman, Splinters, Opener Jump Shift, Strong Jump Shift, and legacy treatments as Roman Asking Bids, Roman BlackwoodRoman Gerber.  Slam treatments also include interference of an overcall by opponents, as Negative Slam Double, DOPI, DEPO, ROPI.

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