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Declarer Play The Bergen Way


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Chapter 1 :Getting Off on the Right Foot ...................... 11


Chapter 2

Count Your Way to the Top

© 2004 - Marty Bergen

Page 21
Count Your Way to the Top

ABCs of Counting

"Counting to a bridge player is similar to an actor learning his lines Ė it does not guarantee success, but he cannot succeed without it." George S. Kaufman

Question: What must you count? Here is a possible list. Please donít be overwhelmed by it. Donít worry if you are unable to do everything listed Ė Iím only trying to make some suggestions. If, after reading this chapter, you are able to do a better job of counting, Iím delighted, and hope you are as well.

Answer: Based on the bidding and early play, declarer should try to figure out (and keep track of) as many of the following as possible.

  • Your winners and/or losers;

  • The defendersí HCP;

  • Trumps;

  • What happens in your key side suit;

  • The opening lead.

You always know what declarer and dummy have. So, once you know what one defender has in a suit, you can figure out what his partner has. Similarly, when you know a defenderís length in three suits, by subtracting from 13, his length in the 4th suit is easy.

Marty Sez: He who knows three, knows all four.

© 2004 - Marty Bergen

Chapter 3 :Finesses: Not Always Obvious ...................... 31

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