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Trump Echo - When declarer begins drawing trump, the defenders naturally play a low-high signal showing a even number of cards, first discarding a lower card and subsequently discarding a higher card.

Examples: declarer is playing in a Spade contract, leading the SA.  Playing Trump Echo, count signals are the opposite of standard count signals in other suits.  When a defender holds 2 trumps, playing low to preserve a possible winning honor is important. 

However, holding 3 trump the defender can usually afford to play the middle card (except a significant honor).  Should partner play medium then low on opponent's trump but stop after two rounds, in certain situation it is useful to know partner has a remaining trump - likely a winner.   Similarly, consider the scenario where declarer appears to be 5-3 in trump; when the declarer leads a high trump, one defender plays a singleton trump while their partner signals with a low trump, high trump. After the second trump play, Declarer switches to a new suit.  Apparently the other defender holds an even number, likely 4 trump.

High-low shows an odd number of cards in the suit

Low-high shows an even number of cards in the suit, probably two

Conditions for count signals:

When a player holding 3 trump can afford to signal with the middle cards

When it makes sense to provide trump count signals

Also see Trump Suit Preference

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