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Trump Suit Preference - An alternative use of carding when declarer begins playing trump, allowing defenders to show suit preference.   When the defender can afford to play either of two trump cards held, first discarding the higher card as part of a high-low echo shows interest in the higher ranking suit while playing a low-high echo indicates a desire to play the lower ranking suit.

  Q 6 5
9 8 7
Q J 10 9 8 7
8 3
K Q 2
A 4 3 2
6 5 4 3

    N    -    E    -    S    -    W

                1S   -   P    -   2S
    3D  -    P    -    P    -   4S
K 7 2
A J 10 4 3
Q J 6 4
  A J 10 9 4
6 5
K 10 8 7


P - 2S - P - 3D

P - 4S

From the bidding and viewing the dummy, apparently declarer's trump is a 5-3 split.  The defenders wins the first and second Heart tricks, with declarer ruffing the third trick.  After the declarer ruffs the third Heart, declarer proceeds playing the A, West playing an 8 while East plays the 2.  The declarer then leads the 10 (unblocking), with East winning the K and West follows with the 3. 

Based on West's high-low trump play on the prior tricks, West is asking for a Diamond switch.  So while East would like to lead the singleton Club, East should instead return a Diamond.  Otherwise, declarer wins the Club, pulls trump, wins 4 more rounds of Clubs, pitching two Diamonds to make the contract.  Note - a clever East might risk ducking declarer's second trump (10), winning the K on the third trick; this hold-up severs declarer's transportation to dummy's promoted Club suit.

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